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Favorite PVP Engagements

tvalentinetvalentine Member Posts: 4,216

well i havent seen one of these threads up yet so i figure i would make one. I have 2 favorite pvp engagements, one from when i was a bit of a noob and only flew the thrasher, and the second was from when i was less of a newb with more skill points (but still a noob ). Also i apologise if the details arent all completely there as these engagements happened quite awhile ago.


Engagement 1 - My Thrasher vs blob o' frigates:

(this was copy pasted from my old corp's forum, thats why there are phrases such as "earlier today" when this happened months ago)

(btw the thrasher is kite fit(artillery), thus is why i engaged at longer ranges)

Alright so earlier today i was roaming around the small pipeline from yvangier and hysera. When i got into deven i saw a bunch of frigates on scan at a planet and i immediately thought they were some sort of FW blob. But since there wasn't anything bigger then a frigate, i decided i would jump in and have a little fun. I warp in at 100km and the 10ish frigs are all huddled together at 0km to the planet. I fly around them, inching closer and closer, and when i get to around 70km, one of them (an incurses) is emboldened and decides to charge me with his MWD (he went about 2.2km). So i see this on my overview and turn around and burn away, and 5 seconds later hes in range and i'm sending volleys into his hull. He gets within 12km and decides to turn around as he is at 10% armor, unfortunetly for him, he gets another volley from me, and his 9 other friends get to see some fireworks courtesy of their corpmate. Afterwords i fly closer to the blob (around 40-50km) spooking them enough to run into a station, thinking i would go away.

a short 5 minutes later, they all undock and head to a asteroid belt. I scan them down and warp in, except this time, i burn towards them with my MWD (since they were ratting and killing some cruiser+ rat) and "most" of them warp away to safety. 2 of the frigates had disobeyed the warp order to loot, so i target one of them (a kestrel) turn on my point and watch his friend abandon him to fend for himself. I destroy him and his pod in a matter of 2-3 volleys. I noticed they warped back to the planet we were at earlier. I warp in at 70km and decide to burn near them (an area that would be within 27km of them) although once i hit 37ish km i see a hurricane warp in. I panic as i know my thrasher turns extremely slowly with my MWD on, and warp to the asteroid belt at the top of the list (which by chance was the one we just came from). I warp to the belt and see a rifter picking up loot, i warp away as i knew that if i engaged i would have a blob on me in seconds, one that i dont think i could get away from.

So i warped away to my safe for a few minutes to let things cool down. Then I warp back to a planet and scan that belt i warped from to see a kestrel and a rifter. I warp in at volley/point range (20km) and target both of them. My first target was the rifter, but seeing as his shield was going down to slow to beat the inevitable blob aligning to the belt, i switch targets to the kestrel. And as luck would have it, i take out his shields and armor in 2 volleys and by the third volley i had done him in and started aligning towards a planet. Just as i started aligning, the blob warps in and i warp away towards my safe.

I wait a few minutes like last time and decide to warp back to a planet to scan them down again. Although this time i feel that the newbie fleet has learned from there mistakes and i cannot warp in on them again or else the hurricane would chase me, and i didnt see any frigates away from the fleet. Also by this time i notice a jaguar and a caracal of the same corp within scan range, the caracal ratting and the jaguar looked to be jumping around looking for targets. Now that i see these new pilots and hurricane i decide that i cannot safely grab anymore kills. I warp to my safe and wait out my GCC and head home with 4 kills (1 pod) and a deep sense of accomplishment.





PVP Engagement 2 - My Hurricane vs a fail trap (Rapier(bait), thorax, taranis, pilgrim, drake)

So one day i was in our home system and was extremely bored at the time honing my probing skills when, I notice a rapier in a cluster of 1 belt, 1 stargate, and 1 station. Usually when i see a ship in this cluster i assume they are at the station or stargate, but taking into account of how bored i was, i warped to the asteroid belt for the hell of it. He wasnt there as expected .... but he also wasnt at the stargate or station...... since there is no pos in the cluster he can only be in 1 of 2 places, a planet or Safe spot. I scan the planet and notice he is there! I warp in at 0 hoping he is at 0 as well, and to my luck i come out of warp within 1km of where he was. With fusion ammo loaded, 2 webs, and a scram this rapier wasnt going to be here  very long. I throw on everything i have and spam scan on my scanner to see what exactly this rapier bait was baiting for. I see a thorax .... tristan ... taranis ..... ok this doesnt seem to bad, then i look and notice the rapier is pulling away in range (about 5km away now). I select approach and burn my mwd, unfortunetly for this bait, his friends did not make it in time to save him.

Once the rapiers shields were down, his armor melted under my explosive ammo. Just as he exploded into space dust his thorax friend warped in .... with a pilgrim .... this is trouble. I lock the thorax and start doing away with his shields and armor when i notice i forgot to set my orbit. The thorax enters 25% armor but doesnt budge due to the distance. (at this time a drake warped in without me noticing) I burn towards him best i can and finish the thorax off. At the time after the thorax is dead my armor is entering 30% armor and moving down slower then when there were 5 Hammerhead II's on me. I approach the pilgrim hoping to narrow the transversal and render his tracking disruptors useless but i notice he is sitting just outside of web and scram range and moving farther away. I decide it isnt worth it with the webs and disruptor on me so i align to a planet and decide to let them come to me.

The taranis and tristan start burning towards me but the tristan warped out due to my drones doin a number on him. I look down to notice my structure is approaching 80% due to the pilgrims drones and drake's missiles. At this time i felt i should be leaving, but the taranis was keeping me there with his 24km point (he also has a scram). Hoping he would come within range of my webs and scram i watch the overview with mounting nervousness. Then i see him closing at 3km a second, now is the time to finish this and get out. 2 Webs and a scram on a interceptor(MWD) means hes going slower then a hulk and he goes down with 1-2 volleys easily. After the taranis disapears from my overview i spam warp and hit another planet at 0. Fearing they would soon follow i spam warp to a station and dock before the sentry guns can finish my 46% or 56% (cant remember) structure.



both are my favorites and its hard to pick which one is my absolute favorite as they both happened in memorable times of my eve career. Anyways i would like to hear some other people's favorite encounters, i know everyone here has to have one

EDIT: fixing typos


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  • tvalentinetvalentine Member Posts: 4,216

    bump, comeon guys. I wanna read some epic stories here ..... i cant be the only pvper on this forum.


    Playing: EVE Online
    Favorite MMOs: WoW, SWG Pre-cu, Lineage 2, UO, EQ, EVE online
    Looking forward to: Archeage, Kingdom Under Fire 2
    KUF2's Official Website - http://www.kufii.com/ENG/ -

  • EkibiogamiEkibiogami Member UncommonPosts: 2,154

    Best "PvP" Ive had was back in 2007 I think... Made it through a 20 man gatecamp in a Shuttle W/O a bookmark... thats about the end of it.. well that and a Idiots attacking my Battleship with Max tank in jita... there were 9 Battleships Wrecks around me... <3 Concord <3.

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  • PatchDayPatchDay Member Posts: 1,641

    My favorite so far might be the time we killed a bunch of kenny pets after we DD'ed them with a Titan. Kenny & friends were attacking our allies' POS and we showed up to defend. After the titan softened up their BSes we went in with a buncha small ships, tackled, and cleaned up a bunch of BSes into structure. My Ares saw a lot of nice kill mails that day :)

  • carlyvalentecarlyvalente Member Posts: 17

    The defence of a system (I won't name it)

    At the system gate:

    We were 50, they were 100.

    We killed 80, they killed us 10.

    Next round, they brought more numbers.

    We were 50, they were 150.

    We killed 120, they killed us 20.

    Next round, they brought more ships

    We were 50, they were 300.

    We all died.

    Strategic retreat to a friendly POS.

    We were 25, they were 100 (rest of them closing up the system gates and camping station), rose to 400 enemies in local.

    We killed 80, few of us died

    Next wave, and another one, and another...

    We all died.

    Bye bye system.


    It was almost 4 hours fighting, intensive, stressing, screaming orders, ppl flying rookie ships when nothing else left to fight with, We fought bravely untill last man. Most exciting battle I ever had.

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