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Who here lives fulltime in a wormhole system?

qwenidenqweniden Member Posts: 151

Enjoy it?  Would you recomend it?


  • tvalentinetvalentine Member Posts: 4,216

    who better to ask then the taxman?

    and no i would not reccomend it unless you have the isk and time to invest in a pos in WH space.


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  • WYDOWYDO Member Posts: 9

    My friends and I live in a C5 WH.  Hands down, it is not worth the isk.  We make WAY more money running level 4 and 5 missions.  And in empire or in 0.0, there are always other things to do/going on.  The only thing living in a WH offers is a bit of a change of pace for us.  Sadly, that has also lost its luster.  You can not really log on and do a few things for a little while in the WH after work and then head off to bed.  Everything there is starting to feel like a giant time sink.  Scanning, gas mining, mining ore and knocking over the occasional sleeper nest is about it.  The isk is ok, but not really as uber as folks think.  Trust me, it gets boring.

  • NicoliNicoli Member Posts: 1,312

    I do as well its not too bad, sadly the raw number of sites in wormhole space are way too low and it is often a pain trying to find new ones. Its good for a change from the norm and it gives you NPCs that are a challange as well as 0.0 space that is not boring Cap warfare.

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