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Thanks mmorpg for turning me on to EVE.

CopelandCopeland Member Posts: 1,955

    I'll be honest if it wasnt for the 14 day free trial i would never have played EVE.   I'm hooked now.    People are really cool to noobs on this game (at least in the noob zones).  i had 3 million isk and a low class frigate just handed to me the first day i was on.   I was invited to a helpful corp my 3rd day.   This game is so well designed its scarey(and addictive).  Being a hardcore EQ player i gotta say i wish Soe could do such a nice job.  I think if they could add planetary colonization and some sort of ground combat system this game would be the EQ of sci fi and be the total package.   EVE has a great future and i'd highly recommend it to anyone who's thinking about it.


  • MonkiboyMonkiboy Member Posts: 13

    It's always nice to see a post like this, because this is a situation where the player community worked.

    Welcome to Eve :)


  • AdmiralChaosAdmiralChaos Member Posts: 72
    heh, id like to say thanks too.. tried the 14 day trial, and enjoyed the game so much, i actually paid for it :-P and I always told myself, I will never sub to eve (Because I played DarkSpace, and there totally anti-eve)

    Whats that? Oh yeah, thats my beacons hittin your hull...


  • NaosNaos Member Posts: 379

    Its great to hear that new folk are finding EVE and getting help starting up, there can be a lot to take in at first. But once your in you get hooked pretty easy.

    Things sure look interesting for the future, server number records up every day with Shiva just around the corner and all the new toys and fetures that will bring, I've even seen players coming back to the game that cant believe how much has changed.

    If it keeps up like this space will be far from empty ::::04::

  • SunDevilSunDevil Member Posts: 3

    I would also like to thank MMORPG.COM I also used the 14 day free trial, and now have been happily playing eve for the last 2 months.

  • kmimmorpgkmimmorpg Member Posts: 624

    I've been playing over 1 month and 1/2 now, and it all started with mmorpg.com' s free trial. Thanks Easter bunny! Bawk-bawk!

  • AthaelAthael Member Posts: 1
    Yep, Tried the game as the result of MMORPG and have been playing for the past 3 weeks.  Still havent decided if im going to stay but its defintately worth the try.

  • jaosnujaosnu Member Posts: 5
    Yea if it wasnt for that 14 day trial....id still being slaving away at Lineage 2 *shudders* but yea, Eve is such a great game...cant wait till im prepped for PVP combat

  • AeriousAerious Member Posts: 3

    That is exactly how I got started! The trail account and now I've been playing for 3 months. It is scary how well balanced it is so far and how much thought went into avoiding serious play issues.


    I wonder is the trial still being offered? If so I might point some friends to it.

  • SilverstoneSilverstone Member Posts: 4

    Hi all.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

    One off the most important thing about EvE is that you are learning skills when you are not playing to.
    I got a family and can’t play 4-5 hours every day. But in EvE I know that I have nice skills and can do what other player can.



  • kreischweidekreischweide Member Posts: 7

    played eve since beta. it still has some slowdowns... but ill stick until the end i guess :)

  • SilverstoneSilverstone Member Posts: 4
    Yes me too. I have played it 2 years now and still find it fun. Its hard to get a hang on it but when you know what to do. Eve is the best.



  • tachgbtachgb Member UncommonPosts: 791

    Eve Online has a great feel to it, I generally come across good people, and it's more enjoyable because of this. ::::08::

  • AlkatrazAlkatraz Member Posts: 119

    A company that belives in his product quality will allways give a free trial....Blizzard...?.....SOE...?

  • Shan'naalShan'naal Member Posts: 11
    Sounds like a great game. I only wish I had gotten into the trial.image
  • AlkatrazAlkatraz Member Posts: 119
    Free trials are a nice way to find out if the game realy applies to u or not, so take every single oportunity that comes to try out different kind of games .

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