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Death animations, Platforming elements, and unique environments!

savaragesavarage Member Posts: 17

Over time I have started to notice that there is one animation that is startlingly the same in every single MMO i have played and that is the death animation if you've died in one game you've died in them all the only thing that changes is what penalties you get after. The one thing about this that confuses me is that when you die you always end up with you on your back with your hand over your chest no matter what killed you: a dragon bites you dead on back with no pieces missing, killed by spike impalement flat on back with no holes. So the one thing I have to ask is will there be at least different deaths to different dangers

I understand that you can"t create a death animation for the player when they die to every different enemy but at least it would be nice to have us die differently to wildly different monsters like dragons with giant bite marks or a spell casters fireballs toasting us to a crisp. So I would like to ask will you have the same death animations or a few different ones for unique or memorable deaths.

My second question is will there be a purpose for jumping and other things like climbing and other such skills because a in of MMO's have the ability to jump but there truly isn't any use for it at all there are no canyons or streams you can't cross without it there are no obstacles  that you need to jump to climb over there is absolutely no real function to it other than you can jump which in it self is nice but has no impact at all on the game. So my question is how will you make jumping and other platformer based skills useful in you MMO I'm curious to how they can be used? 

My final question is much easier to answer what different environments are there in your game: are there deep underground caverns like the Underdark in D&D, are there underwater ocean cities, will we be able to sail the seas of the world (are there seas?) , with magic will there be travel to astral planes with there own monsters and dangers or elemental planes with elemental enemies that you need to travel through to gain special spells or ability tomes, will there be frozen mountain peaks, dry deserts, humid vibrant jungles ruined temples  wizard towers that  lead to an other dimension that the wizard lives in. 

What I'm trying to say is will your MMO be a place that a player can truly explore unlike most current MMO games or even most games in general.


  • JatarJatar Member UncommonPosts: 348

    Sorry, but you'll have to wait until you die to find out what happens when you die... such is it with life, such is it with the game ;)

    And although we appreciate your enthusiasm for the game, your questions about jumping and death animations are getting too specific  for this stage of discussion.  CoS is a game still very much under development, and we are only releasing some broad information at this time.  

    As for terrain, yes we plan to have diverse terrain for lots of exploration, but further details will have to wait until we release information and screenshots on the terrain system some time in the future.  I can tell you that this is part of what is currently under development, and that we are using an entirely new type of terrain generation system.  Lots of R&D involved, lots of innovation, lots of bugs, (got to take the good with the bad).  We'll fix the bugs long before we release the game though :)

    We understand that you want to know every little detail about the game, but there is a time and place for each thing, and the time for some of your questions is stil coming.   I answer what I can, but there are things I'm not allowed to talk about on pain of death (game character death, and no, I can't descibe what that looks like, lol).

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