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Autumn's leaves forums

zarzzarz Member Posts: 2

 Autumn's leaves (alpha)forums.


Autumn's leaves is a 3d MMO in development (4 years in) and is getting close to releasing. 



Come check it out, leave suggestions.

The Forum isn't officaley open to the "public" yet, but I'm droppin some links here and there just so brett (Forum graphic designer) can get some feedback.


  • AirspellAirspell Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 1,391

    4 years and you got nothing to show for it but a crappy lookin website, goodjob.


  • paulrgodpaulrgod Member UncommonPosts: 240

    I'm not usually one to pick at these things, but i'm bored at work -  here's my feedback.

    Come on; be honest, does that look good to you?  It looks like turd!  Brett calls himself a Graphic Designer?  are you guys like ... blind? 4 years old?  or just easily pleased?

    I actually took the time to do a google image search for 'Autumn' and the background to the forum came up in the 2nd page of the search on a wallpapers website - good job in cutting the credit off at the bottom though so 'no-one would ever know its not your own' - awesome work. 

    Any Graphic Designer worth anything would have come up with something better than 'using someone else's photo'.

    The way the Image tiles on larger resolution screens is just Horrid

    The colour scheme melts my retinas

    And i lost interest by having to register in order to see any morsel of the game, no info, no screens, no original artwork to even pique my interest - no thanks.

    Good Luck! 

  • mango99mango99 Member Posts: 25

    Ok so here i go again....


    Folks all i have to say about  this is a warning....


    Sites similar to this (not saying this is one mind you) have popped up here now and again with one sole purpose...to get you to register at their site and maybe find some people dumb enough to use a name and password that they currently use in a popular MMO.


    If a site boasts a graphic designer and they steal artwork from somewhere else then to me its a bit fishy...


    Just something to think about....could be totally wrong though....you be the judge...

  • Ratboy51Ratboy51 Member Posts: 29

    So apparently you've been working on this for four years and all you have to show for it is a crappy website with absolutely no content? Yeah right, good luck with whatever.

    Epic awesome me

  • zarzzarz Member Posts: 2

    Bump for great justice. I think you will find the site quite a bit better.

  • GestankfaustGestankfaust Member UncommonPosts: 1,989
    Originally posted by zarz

    Bump for great justice. I think you will find the site quite a bit better.




    it has generic forums and the site still has nothing on it. Not one link or page is much different than the other and the "screen shot" aren't there.


    Still smells fishy

    "This may hurt a little, but it's something you'll get used to. Relax....."

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