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Gugrontid's Stonehead Tavern Now Open

OomiOomi Member Posts: 9

I am pleased to announce that we now have a growing group of players running the Stonehead Tavern in the town of Gugrontid. There was some initial consultation and setup help from the PlaneShift team, but the intention is for this group to become self-sustaining, and so far they're doing a great job! However, they need continuing support from the player base to keep it going strong. They are looking for:

1) Donation of cooking ingredients

2) Donation of prepared food dishes

3) Beverage donation (hoist a mug, give a mug!)

4) Volunteers to man the kitchens, bar counter, and serving areas. Shifts are short and the company is fantastic!

5) Patrons to drop by, spin a tale, sing a song, buy some grub

If you're interested, please read more here or contact Illysia in game. Heck, you could even just drop by and say hello!






  • ChuckiSpuxChuckiSpux Member Posts: 44

    My character isn't often in Gugrontid, but on my next trip to fetch a set of Plate-Mail I'll drop by!


    There's been alot of player-run areas in PlaneShift lately, from markets, to the Explorer's Outpost, to the Red Crystal Den (a vaudeville).


    I hope this increase continues, as it's really making the game fun for me, when I can log in. (I'm a busy man!)

  • OomiOomi Member Posts: 9

    Yes, I intend to put up a separate post about Red Crystal Den on Sunday or so. Please check back.

  • freyaafreyaa Member Posts: 39

    Today was my first time visiting the tavern, i have to say they did a great job with this idea, i had alot of fun and the RP-ing was fantastic!

    You can check again i might be wrong...haha what am i saying im usualy ALWAYS right!

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