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JoeShmo2JoeShmo2 Member CommonPosts: 98

 Am I just blind or something?


Why cant i find anything about pvp in this game?


  • LackeyZeroLackeyZero Member Posts: 640

    You're right. You must be blind!

    - Villain versus Heroes = PVP in open world, actually, I believe they said this is for pvp servers.

    - Conflicting Missions (instances)

    Actually that's all I know right now. And I think there's some sort of mechanics that allows someone to stay out of pvp if they don't want to (but I assume the separation pvp servers and pve servers will handle the main part of this).

  • mmcguire2mmcguire2 Member Posts: 310

    lol, ya...I have trouble finding anything NOT about PvP with this game.  I think its cool how the Cases/Capers can cross and how everything can be used as a weapon.  I want to see some more about the world, character creation and leveling.

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