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My experience from the trial.

KenichiKenichi Member Posts: 109
I decided to give the game another shot after the first time I tried the trial. I had only just gotten off the island when I got bored and didn't press on. This is a short-long summary of what happened:

Since I knew how to get past the island, I quickly did that (two hours or so) and headed for the mainland. Once I arrived I looked around for a location that had some people, since the last time I started to build in a place where nobody ever came to which is the reason I quit the first time I guess.

I followed the Wiki and decided the best option was to make a compound to start with. Along the way I met what seemed to be some really helpful people who said if I needed anything that I should just ask...but when I asked around about where I should build my compound at and some other minor questions, everyone ignored me, even the ones that said they would help me.

Well, I settled down near a small lake with nothing near it figuring it would be a good spot for me. I built my compound and log off. When I logged on the next day there were a few people online and as soon as I started to work on some art, I received a bunch of messages saying that I need to take it down because it was someone's land but they would give me supplies for a new one. I said sure because I didn't really use the compound, it was just to level up.

I tore the building down and went to collect my supplies...however, I was ignored by the seemingly nice people who would give me the supplies to move. I decided that I'd try another region and found some decent people there who would respond to me after the initial hello. However, it wasn't long till the 'in-group' there started to ignore me as well. I made some new art and placed it in a good position and logged.

When I returned I had discovered that it had received many bad votes, which I understood that some may like it and some many dislike it, but all of them were bad votes. A minute later I once again recieved what seemed to be a storm of messages telling me to move my art because it was in someone's land and place even though it was far from anything.

After this, I moved to a new region and tried again, and something similar happened yet again...

I will say this though. The actual crafting and thought you need to put into the game was fun and different then most MMORPGs. I had a blast designing the buildings, creating art, having many different ways to create most of the items. Only complaint was sometimes it seemed like a grind to collect certain items, but it did make up for that due to the fact that you needed to multi-task often.

If other games had this type of creation system, or at least something near it/similar, I think it would bring in more players (or at least more people who like non-combat activities in a game) to it. There have been a few games with some great crafting to it like this game, I will admit, but most of them are either dead or over the hill.

Summary: Game was fun and original sometimes, though somewhat of a grind and it seemed slow because you had to have a lot of other people to get anything done. What turned me off the most was this 'good community' I had heard about. Everyone was too worried about themselves and close friends to help out anyone else and seemed both very childish and eliteish.


  • energydrainenergydrain Member Posts: 52
    actually..he's saying the truth...the majority won't stop to help a person...VERY BIG majority


  • KenichiKenichi Member Posts: 109
    I asked the questions in a friendly way and I think that is the only reason I ever got the little help that I did.

    Since this is a really open-ended game with little documentation, it was very confusing and without some type of insight on how everything works (not what to do, but just in general), I kept screwing up my work and projects and had to start completely over with gathering materials (which was a pain in the ass, worse then most grinding on other games) and planning that the game just wasn't fun anymore.

    If no one helps anyone by explaining some simple general things in this type of game, possible new subscribers will get either burnt out quickly by trial and error or they'll feel like they are wasting their time.
  • energydrainenergydrain Member Posts: 52
    lol this game actually IS a huge waste of time.......i need to find a new one..for now..just fighting to keep my 1st place on the top char list for rogues.'s a poll related to this discussion


  • JChopstixJChopstix Member Posts: 2

    I just have to ask, what could they have done if you'd stayed? I haven't tried this game and so was reading the posts related to it. Could they have torn down your place? PvP'd you? How could they prove it was "their/someone's" land?

    And I believe that he got little help. Some games just seem very elitish and cliqueish. I often wonder if it's because it's mostly the original testers playing and they're just so over it (helping noobs I mean.)



  • KenichiKenichi Member Posts: 109
    As far as I know, they could only ignore me/make my gaming experience a living hell, which they sort of did even after I was nice enough to listen to them. Also heard it was possible for veterans to easily get what they want, but not so sure of it.

    This game requires people to work together for the most part and is very hard to get anywhere when you are ignored or disliked. Reason I listened to them...I didn't want to get on the wrong foot.
  • tedricktedrick Member Posts: 32

    I played ATITD in beta. And I have played all 3 tales and I can tell you that if you do not get in at the beginning of a telling you have to elbow your way into the damned game. People are very posessive over 'thier' land. You have to tell them that you are settled and that they cannot dislodge you with out rebuilding you a like location. They won't - and you don't need this person's help.  Elbowing your way into a group is a matter of diplomacy and small gifts - call it what you will but you need people in the later stages in the game.

    There is a very helpful site/guild in the game known as The Goods and will trade what you got for what you need. For the new/solo player it is a godsend. You have to be involved with other people in business and socially. Not everyone will be your pal. Some will be upset if you set up within sight of them. Tell them that you will take thier complaint into consideration during your next rebuilding phase. Stonewall and shift thier concern to your new plans for another compound. It is a different kind of game and most must temper it with another more active type of game.



  • this game look weird

    should i try it?


  • Kez95Kez95 Member UncommonPosts: 53

    I agree with previous posts, that the biggest problem is the land grab / land space issue.  I have played at the initial start of tale 3 and it was fun because my guild knew where to go and what to do, right away.  After we were set up, however, people came near us and it was impossible to expand and the limited resources were being overused.

    I have also played in the middle of tale 2 and it was hell.  Everyone seemed helpful, but if you build anything near them they start freaking out.  Simple resources are plentiful but important ones are not, and there is a definite "get out of here" attititude among I would say 90% of the people.

    People invest hundreds of hours clicking on stuff so when you come by threatening "their" space they naturally get upset.  Also, travel in this game is not fast unless you skill up and get travel skills and whatnot, which take time.  So, the closer you are to the cities, schools, and universities, the less travel, but of course there are tons more people competing over the space.  Therefore, the best spots with limited people are the ones very far from everyone else and you spend hours traveling.  Yes, hours, not minutes.

    I would suggest anyone wanting to play to visit their forums and figure out when the next server wipe / telling is going to be so you can hook up with a group of people and go to a planned location on day 1.


    MMORPGs are virtual skinner boxes.

  • LipecLipec Member Posts: 4

    I tried this game earlier. In phase I'v played it - there were a lot expirianced players. Many were more than willing to help me. When I was deciding where to start my 1st building - I was actually looking for noob friends and we did it together. We have enjoyed and we were building far away from anyone else arround. There is more than enough space for everyone. You can't find "ideal" spot for building cuz for some resources you wll have to travel anyway.

    I agree that if other games would have some similar good crafting system, many players will play it not just cuz of combat systems they have. Usually I do look for crafting part in games I play. I liked Voyage Century Online and EVE cuz of their crafting systems. At this moment I am looking for something new, with good crafting system (If anyone have any idea - let me know)

  • Crappy comunity = crappy game.  I left Star Quest Online for reasons discussed in this post and i will be sure NOT to even look at this Tale in the Desert game cause if ONE noob to a game says the comunity sucks then it wont be different for any other noob.


    Elites, moderators, vets.... if this game has those count me out.  Star Quest online did and i would not suggest that game to anyone

  • arkaexarkaex Member Posts: 23

    The community's about the only thing this game has, or had, going for it.  Anyone could become "elite" simply by interacting with people, hanging around for a long time and getting involved in guilds/in game social stuff (and/or hanging around the IRC channel).

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