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Good tabletop RPGs?

I've never played a tabletop RPG before, and I'm interested in playing one. However, the only ones I've ever even heard of are D&D and Warhammer, and I have no interest in playing either of those. I'm actually looking for something that's less magically-influenced.

I'm looking for something that involves combat, I don't have any interest in playing a game that has no combat involved. I'm a bigger fan of PvE than I am of PvP, though I certainly enjoy PvP. I'd like something with dungeon crawls like in D&D.

I want something with solid, in-depth character creation. I like having a well-developed character, and the higher the standards are, the more well-developed characters I'll run into.

I want something that actually involves role playing, not something that's pure combat.




  • superninja42superninja42 Member Posts: 11

    I have been playing and running different table-top RPGs for over 15yrs.  For heavy combat RPGs I would look into Shadowrun ( or if you want a pretty hardcore fantasy game with little to no magic try RuneQuest (  I prefere older editons of this game but they are very hard to find unless you shell out money on ebay.

    Dungeons and Dragons is still a staple all around combat oriented RPG, though I saw your not interested.

    Other RPG systems of note to look into - GURPS, RIFTS, MUNCHKIN

    There are number of RPGs.  Try looking on RPG.NET for decent information.


    Hope that helps.

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  • OddjobXLOddjobXL Member Posts: 102

    You really can't play a tabletop game alone.  Your best bet is finding the local gaming hangout and see what they're already playing.  Keep in mind the tabletop roleplayer, at least publicly practicing ones at game shops, can be odd critters.  But they're usually harmless.  Most often you'll find some version of D&D as the game of choice.  Alternatively, check to see if there's a cork board up.  Some shops let people advertise games they're hosting at their homes if they're looking for players. 

    More on-the-ball game stores also may have websites with forums.  You'll be able to ask around about games, talk to folks, decide who's nuts and who might actually be fun to hang out with and so on.

    For pure reading I'm enjoying Ars Magica 5th Edition right now along with the Conan RPG.  Old WoD, classic, White Wolf stuff could be entertaining too.  My favorites there include Mage, Wraith and Sorcerer's Crusade as well as some of the early Dark Ages books.  Castle Falkenstein, if you can find it, has some good material for steampunk.  Talislanta's 4th edition is full of interesting ideas, people and places.  Nobilis 2nd Edition (Hogshead) and Amber: Diceless are fairly esoteric but they do make for great reading.  The new Pendragon and The Great Pendragon Campaign books from Art Haus are fun.  The new Mongoose edition of Traveller, sci-fi, isn't great reading but it may be the bestest game in the smallest amount of pages ever.   For pewpew games you might want to look into the Mercenary supplement as well.   And Fading Suns is also another fun setting.  It's a bit like Dune sci-fi intrigues but with all kinds of "fantasy" adventure and even horror themes mixed in.

    I just don't have time to play tabletop in my dotage but I still keep up with what's going on best as I can.

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  • pongaxpongax Member Posts: 26

    D&D wold be a good start, if ever u want something new i'd guess. try this one

    not to mention theyn have nice art.

  • Praxus1874Praxus1874 Member Posts: 152

    As has been said in this thread, you will need to find a group to play with first.  My recommendation is to start with DnD.  Even though you said you have no interest in it, 4th edition is really the best introductory RPG system I've found out there, and I've been playing tabletop a long time.  It also has the potential for really fun dungeon crawls with balanced classes and smooth combat mechanics.

    If you want something different, you can always take a look at Shadowrun.  It's MUCH more complex, but it's my favorite game world by far. 

    Hope that helps you.


    EDIT:  Heh, well I see Superninja posted basically the same thing a few posts up, sorry bout that.  Needless to say, I agree with his post :)

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