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PvP vs. RPG



  • Master_RazorMaster_Razor Member Posts: 226
    Originally posted by Zayne3145

    I wish Blizzard would just scrap PvP for good. Having an RPG with a competetive PvP element is a conflict of interests. I hate to generalise but it I get the impression that the majority of people attracted to PvP are the FPS'ers who have no interest in the RPG aspect at all and simply want the instant gratification of competetive gameplay.
    These are the type of people that make posts along the lines of 'Why should I have to grind through quests just to get to end game PvP'. These people completely miss the point of a MMORPG.
    If MMORPG developers scrapped PvP they wouldn't have to worry about the endless nightmare that is class balance, and focus more on deeper PvE content.
    /Rant: Off

    Removing PvP would cause WoW to lose a very significant amount of subscriptions.

    I am a huge fan of role playing and RPGs. I am also a big fan of PvP. I find PvP to be an important part of role playing. If you like role playing without combat, I can understand you wanting to have PvP seperate. But for me, one of the best parts about role playing is fighting other human players. Obviously, in the case of MMOs, PvP is never going to be completely RP based. Most people will PvP the way they do in shooters. But I still enjoy having PvP in whatever RPG I'm playing. Class balance is a major issue right now for sure, which is why I don't like classes to begin with.



  • ScotScot Member LegendaryPosts: 15,643

    PvP does not preclude or work against RP. As long as the PvP is zoned and you only need to go to those zones for PvP activities it does not impact RP at all.

    What I think has happened is that developers have substituted the RP design basis of MMORPG’s with the twin themes of graphics and PvP in modern MMO’s. They concentrate so much on these two elements no time is left for RP considerations.

    So its not PvP per say, crafting could have taken off instead and we could be complaining about that. Making MMO’s more like FPS games is the model now days which we suffer for.

  • PalebanePalebane Member RarePosts: 4,006

    I don't think I will ever buy another MMO that doesn't do both. If i want deep RPG, I can play a single player game. If I want class balance and twitch play, I can play an FPS. MMORPG can and should have both in my opinion.


    I also believe that loot rewards are a very bad way to generate PvP. PvP has to be done for it's own sake, otherwise players will just find the quickest easiest way to win without any regard for gameplay, which becomes tedious and boring very quickly. Giving loot rewards for PvP drives players apart and separates the haves from the have not, even on your own team or faction. Loyalty and comaradarie are huge aspects of decent PvP that are completey thrown out the window once you introduce item rewards. That's just my opinion though. I'm sure alot of people would argue that if there were no loot rewards, hardly anyone would do it in the first place. And that is where developers have come up short thus far, perhaps.

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  • DastrokDastrok Member Posts: 2

    PvP and RPG are both great and if made correctly can be even better if they work togethere

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