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Very Graphic intensive Game for a Side Scroller

I cant even play this game as I get 3-13 FPS and this is a side scrolling game! Insane Sure its nice to look at but it doesn't really help the game play its a side scrolling  game with to much 3D IMO backgrounds and such for games like this don't need to be 3D which it is.

In all i would say this is the best side scrolling game out their but plan on it being hard to run (ie. any laptop that is more than a couple years old it wont work on)  but it should work on any desktop with a 3d card even old ones. So even though I don't like i cant play it on my laptop I am not a fan of side scrolling games anyway.

The one thing i have to say is how graphic intensive this game is I think its too much or at least it would be nice to have the options to lower them so people like me may be able to play it if i wish as the only thing stopping me from playing it is the 3D Background. I thank thats a minus for this game but otherwise its still the best Side scroller out their.

Also this game is all keyboard based so it would be really nice with a controller and since this game does not support controllers (most games don't IDK why not) but get a Sitek Controller as it has drivers that let you map the buttons to keyboard keys and even map the analog stick as a mouse (best controller I have ever got and a $20 model is good enough for anything unless you want wireless or something else IDK)

Take this for what it is I played this game while it ran terribly slow for about 15 Min total so I cnt comment on gameplay I am purely basing this on my short ecperience.


  • MiMoSeTHMiMoSeTH Member UncommonPosts: 46

    No, the game isn't graphics intensive. It's just 3D. If you try to run it on a toaster, don't blame the game for poor performance.

    These are the minimum system requirements:

    -Operating System Windows 2000

    -Processor 1.0 GHz

    -RAM 512 MB

    -VGA 64MB graphics card


  • phatpeteyphatpetey Member Posts: 323

    Well, that's too bad for you but in my opinion this game isn't that graphic intensive, it is just like most of the other free2play MMORPG's . If your computer can't run this game this means you should really update your hardware. The minimum requirements aren't even that high (512 MB RAM en 1.0 Ghz).



  • funksaucefunksauce Member Posts: 7

         Well then the system requirements are wrong because I can't get more than 13-15 FPS on my system which is a laptop but here are the basic specs:

    • CPU:  AMD 2Ghz
    • Ram:  2 GiB
    • Video Memory:  128 MB

    IMO the Minimum Requirements should mean with the correct settings which is usually all Low or Off and get a playable frame rate. With this game that is not the case as I have the Minimum System Requirements and can not play the game.

         SO currently I am sticking to another game Luna Online which I get 60 fps and the game is 3D and has a 3D environment not side scrolling so IDK.

    I feel bad this game is like this and that I have an account for the preview beta that i believe will let you into the upcoming closed beta  that someone else could be using because for me this game is unbearable. Personally I expected more from THQ but this game NEEDS a code Overhaul as it is not running very well IMO is all.

     This is ALL my Oppion so if you disagree feel free to do so.

    I wonder if anyone even agrees with me, I doubt it LOL.

         Anyway this is all I can say about the game as I didn't get to the point where I could comment on gameplay. If anyone knows a way to optomize the graphics to VERY VERY LOW Feel Free to tell me. (yes I ran it in fullscreen mode with all settings on low or off)

    later guys

  • MiMoSeTHMiMoSeTH Member UncommonPosts: 46

    Well, Luna has more or less same graphics, i tried that one too.

    Anyways, even if you move in side scrolling fashion, graphics are fully 3D. No point in comparing it with Luna.

    Maybe it has to do with the resolution, i know it's fixed to 1024x768, that might prove a problem for weak systems, though yours doesn't seem to be THAT weak. I wish they had custom resolutions though, it'd look lovely at 1920x1200 :/

    Or maybe you have many other programs running in the background, who're the first i see complaining about poor fps...

  • LordLOCLordLOC Member Posts: 124

    Well consider the engine it's using. It's using the same engine as Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and Fallout 3, and Civilization IV, Atlantica Online and many others.

    It is graphically intensive actually. Just not in an obvious way like say Fallout 3 or some AAA title. Oh yeah, and Warhammer Online uses it also. :)

  • renstarensta Member RarePosts: 616
    Originally posted by MiMoSeTH

    No, the game isn't graphics intensive. It's just 3D. If you try to run it on a toaster, don't blame the game for poor performance.
    These are the minimum system requirements:
    -Operating System Windows 2000

    -Processor 1.0 GHz

    -RAM 512 MB

    -VGA 64MB graphics card

    Your toaster sucks.... sorry dude.



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  • Vagrant_ZeroVagrant_Zero Member Posts: 1,190

    You have some garbage on your computer slowing it down then. I just recently created a custom msconfig boot file for my friends vista laptop and his framerates in Knights of the Old Republic went from around 5 to 45FPs.

    People need to take better care of their hardware.

  • linadragonlinadragon Member RarePosts: 581

    I'd really question what hardware you are using that is only a 128 mb video card....


    • Pentium 3 800MHz or better

    • 256MB of RAM

    • GeForce2 or better 3D graphic card

    • DirectX(R) 9.0c compatible sound card

    • 2GB of uncompressed Hard Drive Space

    • 56K Internet Connection



    • Pentium 4 2.4GHz or better

    • 1GB RAM

    • GeForceFX 5700 or better 3D graphic card

    • DirectX(R) 9.0c compatible sound card

    • 2GB of uncompressed Hard Drive space

    • Broadband Internet Connection

    Really for gaming though anything below 256 mb of video ram tends to be a little low, i'd question what hardware you actually have in there regardless if its 128 or not, it could be an integrated chip or something.....  Video memory is still something that is necessary, 2 gigs of ram and a 2 ghz processor no matter what it is is still lower than the Reccomended system specs.... Not many video cards are even at 128 MB these days....



  • purewitzpurewitz Member UncommonPosts: 489

    Is this game really a side scroller? I left side scrollers back in the 90s on Super Nintendo. LOL! Also does this game have WASD key to move your character or point-n-click to move? I ask cause I can't stand point-n-click to move. Its WASD or the highway with me.

    When we get back from where we are going, we will return to where we were. I know people there!

  • kurtcourtesykurtcourtesy Member Posts: 6

    its wasd, it's good. =)

  • sanders01sanders01 Member Posts: 1,357

     You has virus. A pentium 4 is like... in 10 year old PCs :/

    Currently restarting World of Warcraft :/

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