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Question about resubbing?

I played AoC when it first came out and I really liked the game, but got frustrated like most people with FunCom's lack of honesty about what would be in the game at launch.  I've been reading the forums here, and I might resub just to check it out.

My question is this, it's advertised that new players (as in people that buy the game right now) will get a free mammoth with their purchase.  Does this apply to those of us that are resubbing or is it only for new guys? 



  • WarpHunterWarpHunter Member Posts: 147

    All that nice free stuff is only for new subs. I tried adding the code to my account and the error generated said that it cant be used on a previously active account or something like that.  Apparently they dont want to give us anything for resubbing...


  • crunknastycrunknasty Member Posts: 53

    Thanks warp.  I appreciate the honesty.  In that case, I might just do the trial and buy another copy of the game.  I was going to start over anyway.  Glad I didn't find out about this the hard way.


  • catsaadcatsaad Member Posts: 176

    only new subscribers would get the mammoth . and i would recommend a website .they are selling aoc us key for 10 dollars and eu key for 15 dollars .so you wont loose much cash .and will have 30 days in your pocket:D

  • crunknastycrunknasty Member Posts: 53

     Nice cat.  You just saved me 20 bucks.  You rock.  


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