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Allods History

BottmingerBottminger Member Posts: 21

Allods History Chapter 1 - The Planet Sarnaut 

The planet Sarnaut was once a quiet and peaceful planet, where humans and other races lived a casual and productive life. The population were emancipated and thriving, fighting for larger territories, establishing new countries and living off an economy based on agriculture,  crafting and commerce.

Sarnaut was comprised of several continents,  each with adequate climates that allowed the prosperous development of the various civilisations and creatures that inhabited them. The largest continent on the planet was Yul, and three separate distinct civilisations were spread across the world: Elves mainly occupied the western lands, Humans lived in Southern lands while Orcs lived in Eastern lands. In addition to these civilisations, a wide variety of fauna and flora occupied every corner of the planet.

In Sarnaut’s long history,  lots of countries appeared, thrived and vanished from sight. One of the most ancient civilisations is the elven kingdom of Airin in the north-west of Yul. Airin was an autonomous and closed land, providing protection for friendly civilisations and had a strong political system. The southern desert was home to the Zem tribes which vanished over a very short timescale due to a plague at the same time as the Junes curse.

The first human kingdom was created by the Junes.  They lived in peace with the Elves for many centuries before a mysterious curse led to its own demise. The Junes almost disappeared, with the details of their downfall a great mystery, causing much debate among historians.

Time passed,  and very little happened in southern lands until a people from the Aro tribe entered the ruins of the June kingdom. This triggered the Great Orc Migration and the former human lands became a battleground during a pitched war between the Aro and Orcs. The Aro were victorious under the leadership of the Great Mage TENESS and established the Kanian civilisation.

Another hero of this was the Great Mage NEZEB.  After victory over the Orcs, relation between the two mages became tense and led to a confrontation between the two. This ended with a magical duel which TENESS won. NEZEB was banished to the deserts in the south, home of the Zem tribes. NEZEB met a nomadic tribe called the Ugra and became their leader.

Having regrouped and with a new army behind him, NEZEB was ready to confront TENESS in Kania. NEZEB conquered part of the Kanian lands and Xadagans, a strong independent human country was formed. Here lies the roots of the endless conflict between the Kanians and the Xadagans.

Several millenniums after the curse, the Great Cataclysm occurred. But that's another chapter of the story, so come back soon for the second part of the Allods History. (from

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    The Great Cataclysm: Birth of the Allods

    In the year 4015, life on Sarnaut radically changed due to the Great Cataclysm. It led to the destruction of the planet and the emergence of the Allods. Allods are the name given to islands which were left over after the planet shattered. The islands float in the Astral, an expansive substance blanketing the space surrounding the former planet. Many people died until the Great Mages discovered a way to support life on these new worlds, allowing some civilisations to continue to survive with their populations.

    No one is sure what caused the Great Cataclysm, whether it was fate intervening and causing natural selection to lead to survival of the fittest, or whether it was a deliberate action. If destroying the planet was a deliberate event, who would do such a thing and why?

    Hence, the reasons behind the Great Cataclysm are a matter of huge debate among mages and scientists. An official version was declared by the Conclave of Great Mages which explained it as a natural process:

    “… In the beginning was the Astral, a magical substance with creative and destructive components, two sides of the same coin. When I am destroying, I am creating. I am creating things from the shards of the ancient that fate has chosen to be destroyed. This is the main principle of the Astral. Sarnaut is one of the stages of Astral existence and life, representing the period when Creative beginning overcome Destruction.

    That is how the world appeared from the Astral and its inhabitants called it Sarnaut later on. The meaning of this word is lost nowadays and it doesn`t matter, yet another Astral form. Over the years the Creative beginning weakened and the Destructive one grew stronger, the world was to be destroyed but for the strength of Mages who stopped entropy and supported the fragile balance allowing the world to survive.

    It is the mission of Great Mages who were able to take control over Astral and make it a servant of all living beings.”




    The Schism: Conclave of the Great Mages

    The Conclave of the Great Mages was established ages ago after the fall of the Junes kingdom. Back then, the Conclave comprised of fourty mages, seven of which were members of the Council, and the Council was led and managed the Conclave. The Council was made of the wisest of most ancient mages. Any mages could take the test to be part of the Conclave. The examination was dangerous and required excellent magical skills. If successfully completed, mages who were members of the Conclave had access to unpublished materials, free access to other mages knowledge and protection from other mages. As member of the Conclave, one had to duly respect and obey the Rules of the Conclave.

    In the Third millennium of the Old Era, the head of the Council was Great Mage SKRAKAN. He educated two mages who became his best pupils: TENESS and NEZEB.

    Five hundred years after the first confrontation between the Kania - led by TENESS, and the Xadagan - led by NEZEB, SKRAKAN managed to re-establish units in the Conclave of the Great Mages. TENESS and NEZEB were brought to heel and could only do so under the control of SKRAKAN.

    Over a hundred years after the Great Cataclysm, the Council of the Great Mages was working fine. However, dysfunctions were emerging and the confrontation between TENESS and NEZEB led the Council to split into two parts: the Kanians, led by TENESS and the Xadagans, led by NEZEB.

    In spite of SKRAKAN’s effort to hold the Council together, in the year of 356 the Conclave of the Great Mages was doomed to vanish. From now on, Mages of Kania and Mages of Xadagan could only communicate under the control of SKRAKAN.

    The conflict between the two Great Mages, TENESS and NEZEB, led to several wars between the two as their two countries grew bigger and stronger, and leaving other powers no choice but to get involved.

    In the beginning of the VIII century of the New Era, two opposing factions were formed: the League and the Empire.

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