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The fix AoC thread

DeeweDeewe Member UncommonPosts: 1,980

Are you like me: disappointed by the current state of AoC, the moderation trend and the direction of the game?


Don't you think this game has so much potential that it's a shame not to do better?


First it was PvP consequences and revamp then it's itemization, not to forget the changes in combos.


Is FunCom aiming at the magic ball that'll make the game wonderful... NGE anyone?




I find it funny nearly one year after my departure from AoC my sticky in the suggestion forum is still up. And nothing that was really important changed.


So far FunCom is wasting their precious time on major changes without fixing the minor ones that would improve a lot the game. Sure you'll get DX10 and items that counts but with a lame UI, no character customization, still too many instanced zones and a degraded combat system.



If there was a major change to be made first, it would have been to replace the actual combat mechanics with a real combo system. That would have made the combat more FUN and challenging. Instead they dumbed it down and done nothing to balance melee vs casters classes in terms of key usage.


Itemization is going the WoW way. Not only they are 100% certain to loose the war against Blizzard on this one, but the thing that made the game different from WoW is just going away in the next patch. Pretty sure they are eager to add item decay and make you grind to repair your stuff.


Even better the limited choice of items will be catered down as players will have to choose either to look cool or be efficient. On that topic it has been clearly stated by Craig that the look isn't important and that players want efficient items. 


“Oh well I might as well use my level 60 sword, ’cause it looks cooler.” It just doesn’t feel right.


It seems they missed the fact that there are not less than 9 entries in the sticky regarding character customization.


Also how did they miss the UI part? It was a real fast and easy quick win that would have made many player happy each time they interact with vendors, friends, guild mates, environment, etc.


Even more funny the M stuff. Supposedly the game is aimed at more mature players; still the medusa spell doesn't has nipples and when you invoque a succubus she tells you: opps sorry, brb has to grab a g-string. How come a demon wears underwear?


And other games have not only more mature content but also some of them have working parental lock system.





Now as constrcutive criticisim I'd say

  • Fix your engine so there is only 1 instance per zone
  • Make future zones all linked together without loading screens.
  • Work on the UI, if you don't know where to start copy WoW or War and open UI API for player made addons.
  • Bring a real combo system in the game, copy any good console one
  • Add character customization. I'd say even more: add a lot of character customization
  • Get rid of invisible barriers on slopes.
  • Not only bring back M content but add a lot more
  • And please please please fire your mods or send them to training classes.
  • And never forget in NA contrary to Europe customer's is always right.
  • Almost forgot to add: merge US and English forums.






  • Preacher26Preacher26 Member UncommonPosts: 381

    I really think if they invested some time/resources into some timesinks and worthwhile pvp the game would improve by leaps and bounds.

    Complete revamp of the minigames, make them cross server... add new maps/games w/ 12v12 etc.

    They need to add fun features to the game.


    1.05 is a huge disappointment in many aspects imho. It won't add anything new for long term players. I will still have the same end game options that I've always had. So much potential.... and as much as I hate comparing anything to other games I really think so pvp similiar to wow battlegrounds (x-server) or GWs would be awesome. The minigames we currently have, with server only are a complete fail.

  • McGamerMcGamer Member UncommonPosts: 1,072

    I agree with most of your ideas except character customization. I think the character creation setup is great. Granted more hairstyles (especially facial hair)would be cool, but the rest is great. It sounds as if you might be meaning that having to not use a cool sword/bad stats and being stuck with ugly sword/good stats needs changing. Maybe add what Hero's journey is doing and let weapons be socketed so players can keep using the weapon they like just changing the socket stats with mystical relic gems or something. Thats not syaing other weapons cant be found or that a player would change weapons, Im sure everyone would eventually want to try diff looking weapons.

  • DeeweDeewe Member UncommonPosts: 1,980
    Originally posted by Czanrei

    I agree with most of your ideas except character customization. I think the character creation setup is great. Granted more hairstyles (especially facial hair)would be cool, but the rest is great.


    You might have misunderstood. When I speak about character customization I mean gearing it up not changing the physical appearance of our toons.


    By the way they should add a toggle to disable the shaking at character creation and change the lighting to a fixed one that matches the in game ones.

  • McGamerMcGamer Member UncommonPosts: 1,072

    ahh, I see, cool. I also agree on your last points.

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