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Death penalty as harsch as before?

YamotaYamota Member UncommonPosts: 6,593

I tried this game a couple of years ago but I thought the death penalty was a little over the top when I lost my BS, and all modules on it, after one PvP battle.

What I found most annoying is that, even though I got most of the BS worth back from the insurance, I got zero from all the millions I spent on modules.

Has this changes or is the death penalty as harsch?


  • d10sfand10sfan Member Posts: 34

    Nothing has changed about that. If you lose your ship, you lose your ship. Thats one of my favorite things about it and one of the things that will hopefully never change about it because then it wont be EVE anymore. Its true that you use alot of isk becouse of lost modules even if you ensure the ship, but the insurance money is better than nothing.

  • Hammertime1Hammertime1 Member Posts: 619


    Risk versus reward.



  • CammyCammy Member Posts: 864

     Personally this is what makes EVE so great


    You have to THINK before you blindly run into a PVP zone and start shooting.

    So yes, it still happens. I'm still a noob so I haven't lost anything of real value yet - and Im sure it really sucks when you lose a really nice ship... but that's apart of the game, apart of the risk and apart of the rush.

    I hope it never changes

  • PatchDayPatchDay Member Posts: 1,641

    Many corps they will refund your loss. After all, CCP gives Alliances rare 64 moons for a reason. This is what funds the war machine


    I imagine pirate corps are similiar along with merc corps.


    Like the pve'ers, one has to think bout how they will fund their pvp ventures


    The saying goes- "Don't fly what you cant afford to lose"

    My saying goes "Don't fly what your corp/alliance won't pay for you to lose" unless you just got mad isk you dont mind losing

  • x_rast_xx_rast_x Member Posts: 745

    My saying is "Treat anything you undock to pvp in like it's already dead."

    EvE's death penalty is the harshest I've ever played in any MMO.  However, as the game is oriented entirely around pvp I think it's honestly a better game for it.  Defeating an enemy in EvE actually means something beyond "Hey I killed this guy he'll be back in 30 seconds after he respawns"

    Anyone who's played EvE for any signifant period of time can tell you about all kinds of horrific losses and the time(s) they lost a 100+ million ISK ship being stupid.  Hell, I lost a 95M ISK AF in an epic "You're a dumbass!" moment just a few days ago.

    As far as replacements go, good corp will generally run ship replacement programs for T1 hulls.  I know in my corp we insure all our T1 ships out of the corp wallet and when they get blown up the insurance money gets rolled right back into ships which we issue out.  Generally fittings are on you unless you're in some huge nullsec alliance, and even then it'll be restricted.  T2 ships it various - you need a strong industrial backbone to be able to produce T2 ships with no ISK overhead, which, again, only the big alliances will have.

    Still though, loss hurts.  After you get your head around that, you can take steps to mitigate from a hair-pulling kick in the nuts to an inconvience.  Having multiple spare ships, all fitted the same way, guns loaded, and ready to go helps tons.  So does having spare implant sets at your clone location.  ISK can be a problem if you die constantly but there's ways to earn a good income pretty much everywhere.  Everyone hates on highsec lv. 4 agents but if you're out in the boonies like I am lowsec and nullsec exploration can be very lucrative and lowsec missioning in a system your corp controls is almost as risk-free as highsec missioning (so long as you're paying attention to local and the directional scanner) and they pay out tons more LPs anyway.

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