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So why are there no Demonologist?

Just returned to AoC to see how its changed ect, Game seems great so far and I'm having fun, just a question though, I'm level 22 now and have not seen a single Demonologist, not one!!! Do they totally blow ass? Or am I missing something?


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  • thebigghostthebigghost Member Posts: 65

    When I used to play they were OP big time, but that was a long time ago.

  • SevenwindSevenwind Member UncommonPosts: 2,188

    I see a few and I have one around level 41 I play when the mood strikes me. Just a guess, maybe a lot may have a level 80 and they are now playing an alt or leveling up another class. I like playing the Demo. I don't have any dire negative things to say about the class. I can't comment how they are in PvP as I am on a PvE server and haven't done any of the PvP games.

    I think Avery had some kind of stat that showed which class was played the most from some survey done on the official forums. Maybe he'll chime in with some links.

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