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Dark and Light Interview by informative read!

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Dark and Light Interview by

Q: Hello, and welcome from those of us here at FileFront. Before we begin the interview, could you please tell us your name and position within the company?

A: My name is Stephane QUILICHINI more known as Vuuar in the DnL community. I am a Lead Game Designer for Dark and Light.

Q: Could you give a brief overview of the story behind this soon-to-be released MMORPG?

A: Ganareth was once upon a time a world united, but at present lives in a permanent war between brothers under the domination the magic of “dark” crystals from the moon and the one from the “light” crystals. A huge catastrophe broke the moon of Ganareth, the unique source of energy enabling the control of the often hostile environment. Visit this page for more details.

Q: This is going up against some heavy hitting games that are recently released (or about to be released) in the same competitive genre. What are some of the gameplay specifics that make DnL more desirable than the rest?

A: To start with, we have a unique huge world of 40 000 m² (15,000 square miles) which the entire gamer community will discover themselves. Exploration possibilities are immense, as it is a real ecosystem with working meteorological systems well in advance of all other games. Travelling is done on the ground as well as in the air with “breath-taking” game play (according to recent comments from our first Beta testers). Imagine community transport as hot air balloons giving exclusive observation positions, and also the possibility of using delta planes or riding flying creatures such as personal dragons, griffons, Pegasus, and so forth … this part of the game is quite unique. There is classical combat in DnL and we have a PvP way of taking the fortresses and towns between Dark and Light.

Q: I know that there are some very unique rules involving duels between players. Would it be possible for you to elaborate on how the dueling system works?

A: DnL is of course a PvP game, but there are nine gods to whom the gamer can pray to and give allegiance to. Each of these gods is trying to protect the most fervent of his followers. In the case of a really unbalanced combat between a high level player who attacks a low level player, the god on the low level player could intercede in favor of that gamer if he has a good divine faction. A gamer could decide to pray to increase the chance of a divine intervention.

Q: As for the sheer size of the map, about how long do you think it would take for a dwarf to run the whole distance, and what are some of the kinds of things he would see?

A: To cross Ganareth north to south or east to west on foot will take a lot of time, from many hours even tens of hours depending on the chosen path. You will travel through different environment as forests, deserts, mountains, plates, rivers, and fields. And, you will see the change of seasons.

Q: Along those lines, are there any different kinds of ways to decrease traveling time? Such as spells that increase running speed, or perhaps a bus?

A: There are terrestrial community transports, sea transports, and air transports. Some magic with temporary effects will permit the gamer to reach greater speed, and the most interesting part is the possibility to own a terrestrial and/ or air borne one. As you can imagine, having your own dragon will greatly help your travel in Ganareth.


Q: There are some pretty cool rules regarding how a character’s religion can affect his grouping ability, can you tell us some more about that?

A: Our rules are not law and are there only to help the gamer to “role-play.” For example, if you group with someone of an opposite god as yours, during the length of that grouping the divine faction of each side will be reduced bit by bit; knowing a good faction will help the gamer in his lucky throw, he will not be inclined to do it too often. Also, other actions exist to grow that divine faction.

Q: Do you ever think that by making players pick either light or dark sides, there is a chance that perhaps the Dark might simply overwhelm the Light in any confrontation?

A: The balance of combat is done in the choice of mixing of the character’s class. Every class can be played with the Dark or the Light, and there are some options here also to make the gamer keep a balance in that part, too.

Q: Do the different types of environments affect gameplay and also, will having only one “zone” increase or decrease lag in heavily populated areas?

A: Yes, the weather will influence the game play and particularly in the solving of quests. Our server technology supports a quite important density, but there exists a limit on the client side in the display. DnL developers are full of ideas to limit this problem to the minimum; we need to test them all in real time, in our phase of a massive beta test.

Q: Will there be any way for a character to create his own appearance, perhaps with custom armor and weapons?

A: This is on the board, and with the quality of our tools we have internally developed, this is quite possible to do, as is going even further. But this is all we can say on that subject for the moment!

Q: As far as music and sound effects are concerned, I really haven’t heard much about them in DnL. Is there a good soundtrack, or can a player choose their own music? Are the sound effects realistic?

A: There are already 50 minutes of original music for DnL. Our beta testers are big fans and are asking for an original soundtrack CD for DnL. We will have one or two themes on our web site soon.

The sound effects are based on 7.1 technology and each sound will be correctly positioned in the space. For example, running near the water’s edge, one foot in the water will sound as if it’s in the water, while the other foot on the shore will sound as if it’s on more solid ground.

Q: Is there a set date for DnL to be released yet?

A: DnL is due to be launched in April 2005. The month of December will be rich in announcements about DnL, so we encourage everyone to visit our site often in the next few weeks to get the latest news.

Q: Before we conclude the interview, is there anything else you wish to add about Dark and Light?

A: Once again, we deeply thank our community for their patience over these past two years and we promise some good surprises in December and beyone! Thanks again to Filefront for your continued interest in Dark and Light.








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    wow. do we have a hardcore person here or do we have a hardcore person here.

    DnL will blast you away...


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