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(Sith Guild) The Black Empire is now operational


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The Black Empire is now operational and seeking mature, quality members to join it's ranks.

Q: Who is the Black Empire?

A: We are a U.S. based guild that plans to play on a RP-PVP server upon release.

Q: Who are you aligned with the Sith or the Jedi?

A: The Black Empire is outside the outer rims. We have few connections with the actual Sith Empire itself but have much in common. We have a hatred for the Jedi and their peace. We believe that strength is achieved through anger and is a common saying in the Black Empire

Q:How is the Black Empire structured?

A: The sovereign ruler of the Black Empire is the Emperor himself, Emperor Galaksi. Although the figurehead and ruler of the Empire, Galaksi prefers to rule the Empire through his "Hand".

The Hand of the Emperor is the permanent member of the 5-member Council. He may only be removed by the Emperor himself and is protected against any Council "Vote to remove" motion.

The other Council Members each hold the rank of Colonel and and all Command a separate unit within the Black Empire.

Currently those Command Units are;

1st Squadron

2nd Squadron

The Academy

The War Cabinet

Each Squadron is the primary manpower of battle for the Empire. They are commanded by a Colonel (Council Member) and are assisted by their Executive Officers (Major).

Each squadron has three Companies made up of 10-15 Soldiers of the Black Empire. The Companies are commanded by a Captain (Lieutenant-XO) and are the primary raid leaders in game.

The Academy's Command is held by a Colonel as well (Major-XO)The primary goal of the Academy is to recruit, train and place new recruits. The Colonel receives goals and reports from the Council and formulates plans with his staff to bring in quality membership. They possess a small staff of Enlisted members.

The War Cabinet Command is also held by a Colonel. (Major-XO). They provide reports to the Council and the Emperor himself when requested. They provide all in-game information and are generally known as the Intel guys. They possess a small staff of Enlisted members.

Why you should choose the Black Empire

1. Enjoyable RP. Many fun and innovative RP themed events. In game promotion ceremonies will be held with uniforms, proper rank promotions, etc. Ranks will actually be fun to have since the RP theme will be prevalent as most times. Example) The Council Members are each a voting member. At any time if they feel another Council Member isn't doing his duty and needs removed he can call a vote within the Council. If the vote wins the Council Member is therefore removed and a search is done for a replacement. Many different ideas like this will be used to keep a fun, entertaining but more importantly EFFECTIVE Guild. Example2) Sergeant Z. is in the Alpha Company, 1st Squadron has been doing a great job all around. he's received praise from other Commanders and has generated notice from the Council. The Squadron Commander actually will have the ability to actually lead his members. Colonel B has a open Lieutenant position in Squadron 2. Colonel A talks to Colonel B and they arrange a transfer for Sergeant Z. He is then transferred and immediately promoted (at a promotion ceremony in-game) by his new Squadron Commander.

2. Opportunities.A new Guild brings opportunities for new members. The Black Empire won't be promoting people right away rather will be in a "hold" status until we feel we have enough personnel to start filling slots. If you're looking to join and become a Council Member you'll have to remain patient as a Recruit. No one will join as a high ranking member. I have appointed a few honorary Captains that will be proving themselves to me. Once we go live they are in the same boat as the Recruits, they could move up or down.

3. The leadership. Yes, I hate to toot my own horn but when I start something I do the best I can. As a Emperor I knew that opening a semi ugly site would be disastrous in terms of recruiting and displaying the potential of this guild. I didn't want to throw out a announcement PM saying the site is in construction and look like I was throwing only a little bit of effort. Instead I remained patient and learned flash, HTML, PHP and a ton of other things so I could provide a top notch site that any Black Empire member would be proud to call his own. The site is top notch and so will the leadership from the top down.

4. Quality and mature members. Many Guilds say that they only want mature members yet you commonly see some stupid poster on the forums and wonder how he got in. Not here. Our Academy is an actual effective training Command where each recruit will be evaluated and at any time can be removed. No exceptions will be given if a member is not quality.


  • LordHysteriaLordHysteria Member Posts: 13

    No age limit but we are looking for very mature people. RP-PvP based and also US based.

  • LordHysteriaLordHysteria Member Posts: 13

    Black Empire Now has Ventrilo


    Port Number: 15208

  • LordHysteriaLordHysteria Member Posts: 13

    We are just getting are first members off probation. to submit an application.

  • TillerTiller Member LegendaryPosts: 10,385
    Originally posted by LordHysteria

    We are just getting are first members off probation. to submit an application.


    Probation? lol what did they do?


    just kiddin

    SWG Bloodfin vet
    Elder Jedi/Elder Bounty Hunter
  • FibsdkFibsdk Member Posts: 1,112

    The Black that some sort of Black Panthers thing? Is whitey allowed?

  • LordHysteriaLordHysteria Member Posts: 13

    Well technically the term probation is completely fitting in this circumstance.

    See below (definitions of Probation)

    * a trial period during which your character and abilities are tested to see whether you are suitable for work or for membership

    * In a workplace setting, probation is a status given to new employees of a company or business. This status allows a supervisor or other company manager to closely evaluate the progress and skills of the newly hired worker, determine appropriate assignments and monitor other aspects of the employee – such as how he/she interacts with co-workers, supervisors and/or customers.

    * A period of time when a person occupies a position only conditionally and may easily be removed for poor performance


  • daarcodaarco Member UncommonPosts: 4,275

    If this game seems interesting at release, i might try it. If i try it, i want to be a part of this. I always play the "good guy" in every MMO. And as a huge Star Wars fan.......i want to try something different for SWTOR.

    Just so you know!

  • ArzhAngelArzhAngel Member Posts: 427
    Originally posted by LordHysteria

    No age limit but we are looking for very mature people. RP-PvP based and also US based.


    I dont know what classes there will be, at release. But are you guys takeing in BountyHunters, and guys from Denmark ?

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