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PS3 problem

GinazGinaz Member RarePosts: 2,252

I've experienced the first problem with my PS3. When I turn it on and press the power button, the light flashes green and red. I've checked their troubleshooting site and it says this problem is due to it becoming hot, possibly because of a lack of ventilation. I highly doubt this is the case with mine since its sitting out on top on my tv stand and isn't being blocked by anything. I even vacuumed it a bit to take any dust out. I may have used it for all of 100 hours total. Any ideas whats wrong and how to fix it?

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  • Sir_DripSir_Drip Member Posts: 133

    You may have to open the case up to clean it properly, with caned air. Or take it to someone that can do this for you. Vacuming the outside dosent clean the inside very well.


  • noquarternoquarter Member Posts: 1,170

    You shouldn't open your case up unless it's already out of warranty.. just use a can of air or an air compressor to blow it out through the vents, a vacuum will do almost nothing.

  • grandpagamergrandpagamer Member Posts: 2,221

    Thought hard about buying one but have heard of problems as bad as with the 360. Its what happens when you try and make a different type of computer which is basically what they are both doing imo.

  • Sir_DripSir_Drip Member Posts: 133

    The only way to clean it properly, is to open it up and clean it!  Then clean the intake ports more often than what you were doing before......This will keep you from having to do this every three months...


  • noquarternoquarter Member Posts: 1,170

    Yea, obviously voiding your warranty on your $400-$500 console to dust it out is the proper thing to do, especially when there's a damn good chance you already need to warranty it.

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