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The Glenn Quagmire Finishing School for Young Ladies

UbiNaxUbiNax Member Posts: 99

The Corp is founded on strong beliefs in small scale Piracy/PVP/Roaming/Guerrilla warfare in 0.0.

We offer:

Laid back & Fun Corp.

No Blob PVP & No POS Shooting.

PVP scaling from roaming frigs to Blackops.

Easy ship movement for replacement etc.

Ship replacement loot system.

Chance to annoy big alliances to the brink of meltdown (Sticking it to the man!).

Ventrillo & Killboard

Looking for:

Active people in EURO timezone.

Competent Teamplayers.

Pilots with experience in 0.0 PVP.

Can take losing a ship with a grin.

Is not put off by a risky move that could end badly.

Working mic and ventrillo a must.

Ability to fly Black ops a plus, but not needed.

Is reasonably self sufficient (we aint a charity).

Minimum SP requirement is 20M


For recruitment contact:

Handon Guild

Public Channel: -GIG-

Giggidy, giggidy, gig-gi-dy!


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