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Aria or gametribe server?

abistarabistar Member UncommonPosts: 92

Was wondering which would you guys prefer? I was a bit curious, I have been playing on Aria servers and am finding a good strong community for different tasks, like partying and questing, for all those of you playing on Gametribe how are the servers there?


  • OllieHOllieH Member CommonPosts: 1


    Thats the first word come to mind I compare both servers (I have played on the Aeria server till lvl 11 and then the IP ban stuff happened so I switched to Gametribe)

    Cons of Gametribe:

    -Where the broadcastchannel on the Aeria server is always full of chatting ppl, the Gametribe broadcast channel stays quiet (this is also because the Gametribe GMs asked to use other channels for chatting).

    I had to wait an hour before I found a party of 3 for the Drill Sarge quest, and even longer for the Flying frog King.. 

    Pros of Gametribe:

    -The questions I asked in Broadcast were always immediately answered and till now I've only have had good experiences with the community. (Same goes for Aeria server btw)

    -And one positive side of the low population is that you don't get kill stealed all the time, and you have a better chance completing quests like the "man eating spider" quest.

    I just hope the Gametribe server will attract a bit more ppl. If thats the case it won't really matter on which server you play, although it seems the Aeriagames support and events are better organised. But I'm confident GameTribe will pull trough at the end


  • smokateensmokateen Member Posts: 2

    If Your Outside Of Na Or EU, You can Choose I Think, But Aeria Has a Much Bigger Community as Well As Nice Gms , Events and Game Updates

  • VampyrHeartVampyrHeart Member CommonPosts: 30

    I live in Egypt. Do i get to pick?


  • GeohyteGeohyte Member Posts: 7

    I think Aeria managed to get itself a better, and stronger community than GameTribe. As for updates, currently GameTribe has Aeria beat out, but to my knowledge Aeria is putting the pressure on SoftStar to get caught up with GameTribe. Heck GMclem announced we'd be getting Big Beam, new pets, and other stuff all at once in roughly a month's time.

    I think the server choice is just choosing which you like more, community, or updates.

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