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Day 3 and my first impressions

First of all id like to say the core concept of this game is fenomenal, the game makes you feel immersed and  you feel as if you ineed assume the roll of a space pilot.

So the following are my personal pet pees that i feel if addressed in some manner would have made the game much more enjoyable for me:

  • Language - Players should start with a higher base language skill in order to interact with other players, especially if the game allows players to pick their starting areas.
    • The language barrier became very frustrating too early in the game while trying to interact with other players in order to learn components of the game.
    • I quickly found my self trying to use the CHAT window in order to understand what other players where trying to explain to me.
      • The overhead chat tends to add additional letters while typing which was an annoying bug, felt like i had a sticky keyboard.
    • CHAT channels did not provide me the ability to scroll back if the text was burried by other posts, making it very frustrating having to tell people to please repeat what they said.
  • Movement - felt very slugish and often found my self fighting with the mouse and view in order to get my avatar to move in the direction i needed him to.
  • NPC - Often dont respond to clicks or allow a new player [like my self] to understand which _text_ typed commands they respond to.
  • GUI - I found my self constantly shifting windows around, meaning if i open a window and place it at x,y coord and then close it and then re-open the same window it doesnt remember its last location of placement, making the process of having to open and shift windows around abit cumbersome.
    • for a DX9 graphics engine it felt very sluggish and laggy even
    • textures for objects i.e. floors, walls, ...etc.. again for a DX9 engine more could have been done.
  • Graphics - Im sure i dont need to get into this one as everyone is well aware.

Again these are just my personal opinions which i felt would have made my experience abit more enjoyable. I truely LOVE the concept of this game, and lord knows with proper funding an a good team of artist and graphics designers this game would truely be ONE of a kind.

As it stands now the game feels more [to me] like a hidden Gem in a large pile of glass. Although 9.99 a month may not sound like a allot it quickly adds up when folks have more than 2 or 3 accounts with other MMO's, so for me to pay a monthly fee for SQO it would have to be polished abit more, if not graphics at least in movement and overall game feel.

I wish i had the capital to invest with, for i would surely fund the makers of SQO in order to see this game truely flourish!


10 print "go home"
20 goto 10


  • GruntyGrunty Member EpicPosts: 8,657

    I would seriously question the overall quality of a game when one of it's official screenshots has a discussion about missing graphics in it.

    "I used to think the worst thing in life was to be all alone.  It's not.  The worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you feel all alone."  Robin Williams
  • AlloughNAlloughN Member Posts: 168



    That is not a "official screenshots" page, those are pictures taken by players.

    That particular one was taken by me. Commander Ney had a old version of the client, so she did not have the new graphics. ((Which was just a couple color changes))


    @OP, its a DirectX 8 engine, not 9. The loading screen states your version of DirectX installed ((If you have 10, it still says 9 because 10 is just a couple shaders, no real difference))

  • KILLkipKILLkip Member Posts: 37

    "GUI - I found my self constantly shifting windows around, meaning if i open a window and place it at x,y coord and then close it and then re-open the same window it doesnt remember its last location of placement, making the process of having to open and shift windows around abit cumbersome."

    Hmm remembering previous locations of windows.. sounds good. I'll see if I can push it onto their agenda xD

  • KILLkipKILLkip Member Posts: 37

    This is why SQO is the best game in the world


    Originally posted by admin on SQO Message Boards
    ...will be active after this evening's unscheduled reset
    We were holding off on this patch until the new galactic market system was in place, but fixing a few of these nagging issues seemed to be a good idea at this time
    In this patch:
    - CPU usage of the client has been reduced significantly

    - Disabling sound effects now will disable ALL sound effects

    - Storing last popup location of windows when they are closed

    - All window resolutions >= 1024x768 are now supported

    - NPC starship AI has had a major overhaul

    - Some changes were made server side to fix the "can log in but can't move ship" issue
    Some of the galactic market stuff is going in as well, setting up the foundation. It is not player accessable at this time however.
  • RaxanRaxan Member Posts: 7

    I too felt that this game has phenomenal concepts - but It ended up too clumsy to move around and to do anything useful - not to mention the lack of a player's manual supplied by the devs.  Just too different from other MMORPG games in the basic controls and functions.  Devs need to take a more user friendly approach to increase the user base.  Oh well, back to playing EQ and Lotro.



  • AlloughNAlloughN Member Posts: 168

    You mean besides the dev made game manual listed under the "Game Manual" tab on the homepage?

  • RaxanRaxan Member Posts: 7

    I mean an effective game manual in pdf or printable format - the online "manual" contains scanty info and is really not much of a help lacking a good description of game mechanics and incomplete info on commands.  Someone finally told me to use ctrl home to get a first person view.

    There are plenty of confused users on what to do in this game, you can scan the game forums to see that.

    There are some users who are volunteering to write a better game manual, if this happens and they improve the clunky UI this could be a very good game.  Unfortunately there isn't much in the way of 3rd party support for this mmorpg - such as an allakhazam site, etc.






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