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PvPvE and Raid Question?

AnofalyeAnofalye Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 7,433

PvPvE = something similar to Siren's Call, Recluse Victory or Bloody Bay in CoH?  Or something similar to the central area in AA?  Or something similar to DAoC keypoints, or SoR in some area?

I also read that it will be possible to raid.  What are the consequences for someone who doesn't raid?  Weaker rewards and second-class angel/demon that is automatically a weakling when compare to the real players?

So, if I understand well, the strongest players are those who will raid strong targets while been subject to attacks from the opposing side?

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  • Synyster777Synyster777 Member Posts: 301
    Unfortunately you know as much as us right now and thats not much at the moment. Not sure about the raiding I would assume it is the main way of achieving gear as there has been no talk about crafting which is fine by me as long as they don't utilise "soulbound" items.


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  • Khan187Khan187 Member Posts: 168

    IMO they need to "fix" the Soulbound items. I can't pass down soulbounded gear to sombody else and I haven't found a way to equip gears without soulbounding.

    They should at least allow Soulbounded gears to be used by other chrs of same account. I have to sell soulbounded gears to NPC after use even though they cost a fortune to buy them (before soudbounded).

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