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Poll: PVP or PVE Server?

I'm trying to get a better idea of how the TCoS population breaks down by server (PVP vs PVE) so.... here's the poll!


  • MaadiahMaadiah Member Posts: 67

    bump for continued interest.... and this is prolly (hopefully!) a question relevant to more than a few of us

    thanks for your votes!


  • MaadiahMaadiah Member Posts: 67

    Holy Close Result!

    I was thinking more people would be on the PVP server but it seem about even... guess I'll be sticking with the PVE server, now that we know this is the original server the designers were building on and that there is also alot of PVP content at the higher levels.

  • MaadiahMaadiah Member Posts: 67

    community service *bump*

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