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Biohazard931Biohazard931 Member Posts: 196

I just checked my profle. Yesterday I was a "Hardcore member". I posted even more yesterday. I find today I'm one rank back.

Why? And no, I never made any "Noob" posts or threads.


  • kishekishe Member UncommonPosts: 2,012

    its not about posting, it's about logging in i was told

  • Biohazard931Biohazard931 Member Posts: 196

    What? I was on the whole day yesterday.... I made good quality posts and threads. What did I do to deserve a rank down and half a star gone? Somone please justify me.

  • ianubisiianubisi Member Posts: 4,201

    Why does it matter?

  • HalpotHalpot Member CommonPosts: 204

    Taken from the FAQ:

    How do you calculate my rank?

    Ranks are calculated every day at 2:00AM EST. They are only based on the last 30 days of data. We look at the following factors when determining your rank:

    How many days you visited the site (and logged in). This is also counted when you use our "autologin" feature.

    How much information you have posted in our forums (not the amount of posts)

    The quality of your posts. If you post lot of "filler" posts that only consist of a few words this will cost you rank points.

    Any posts of yours that had to be deleted will cost you 5 rank points (there are only 100 total). To prevent your posts from being deleted, please obey our Rules of Conduct.

    My rank went down. How is this possible?

    Because our rankings are only based on the last 30 days of data, this is very possible. If the data inside the current 30 day window is not as good as the data in yesterdays 30 day window then your rank will go down.

    In other words, even if you have a rank of 100 and don't visit the site for 30 days you will then have a rank of 0. We think this is a good indication of who is currently active.


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