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Unique heavy role-playing MMORPG, social & community-based!

We made it,

And I invite you all to take a look. It's more of an RPG than an MMORPG since we're using Neverwinter Nights as our medium, although we can get up to 96 players on one server, and we can easily add more servers if there are enough players, making it truly an MMORPG.

But, if you ever wanted to feel what role-play is like when you as role-player can help build the community citadel, run the politics, and your character having only one life, come try us out. We're new and we're looking for players. 

It's all free, you just need to have the game first.


The Uncharted Midlands: Last Gate - a heavy role-playing, community-based permadeath gameworld.


  • glordglord Member UncommonPosts: 338

    Permadeath turned me off.


  • lord_bisonlord_bison Member Posts: 16

    looks alright, but I'm too busy with LotRO. This is one for the proper hardcore rpg'ers; the pen and paper ones!

    Its a trick...get an axe!

  • Lester2Lester2 Member Posts: 2

    The good thing, glord, is that there are many NWN1 and NWN2 gameworlds that offer enforced-RP without permadeath - if you're interested, go ahead and check them out. We're different, however, and geared towards seriousness, mature role-playing community and realism (as much realism as you can get with fantasy). It's definitely not for everyone.

    The Uncharted Midlands: Last Gate - a heavy role-playing, community-based permadeath gameworld.

  • dreamscaperdreamscaper Member UncommonPosts: 1,592

    I spent some some six years of my life roleplaying on various NWN1 gameworlds. When it comes to actual Roleplay, MMOs can't touch the microcosms of RP found in NWN - you'll only find better in tabletop sessions.

    I've long since had my fill of the NWN1 engine, but if you're tired of the lack of RP in MMORPGs, I'd highly recommend checking NWN1 out. If you need something a bit prettier, Dragon Coast: Shores of Haldun is a fantastic NWN2 gameworld, though I personally don't like the NWN2 game engine very much.


  • Master_RazorMaster_Razor Member Posts: 226

    This game looks incomplete to me. It looks like it still needs a LOT of work before it's ready to be played. If I'm going to play a game where I plan on role playing at all, I expect it to be fully developed and polished.



  • Jay_NWJay_NW Member Posts: 6

    This IS pure RP!  and it's great! If you want a level grinding hyper -powered superhero go elsewhere. If you want to join a little world of RP get on it.

    OOC chat is nil unless it's messaged. Everybody's character is developed and truly fitting to a role. Clowns who say permadeath turns you off need not bother.

  • bugbigbugbig Member UncommonPosts: 3

    Thanks for posting.  There is a fantastic RP community via the NWN1 and 2 toolset.  Good luck in your persistent world!

    Commander Bugbig
    Shadow Company
    Cross MMO gaming guild since 2004 for mature, respectful adventurers

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