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Why cant I Log In?

I played for about 2 hours this morning and all went well.  But this afternoon when I hit the Login button the Character selection-login window dissapears but I stay stuck on the screen with the character I have chosen.  I dont get an error message or anything.


P.S.  I tried to ask this question on the TCoS forums but they have been loked bu an administraiter!


  • erickdeforeserickdefores Member Posts: 161

    OOps I ment locked out by an administrator!

  • DelanorDelanor Member Posts: 659

    On what server are you playing? On what forum do you try to post? Do you have a paid account? Did you try to post on the f2p part of the forum or the p2p part of the forum. If you did have a p2p account did your subscription expire?


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