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What exactly is the Premium account for?

madlukemadluke Member UncommonPosts: 108

Basically i can't really afford to pay for a game, so is this game worth playing witohut paying for a premium account?


What exactly wont i be able to do?


  • redhands123redhands123 Member Posts: 179

    Im gonna keep it short in this game no money no power. Its just as simple as that.


  • dsgrntldyetidsgrntldyeti Member Posts: 3

    actually ... that's a little inacurate.  In this game ... time spent in the game is well earned.  Basically everything comes down to traits and gear for your units. 

    Premium accounts only get 2 more bonus's a day to your shards (money), no taxes on sales to your items in the market (normally 25%), and you get your premium traits for free as long as you are a premium member (not retroactive sadly) .... even after 5 era's you can still be really set for traits.  But it's not required .. some of the best players aren't premium and have never been premium.

    Tribute is another matter.  While you can get free gear for your Dreamlord ... to get anything that gives a considerable bonus ... requires real money and when it comes to unit gear ... you can get some beefy gear for tribute ... but it's the same as charmed gear you can get for free if you have a semi decent Convergence (your guild).  So really the game can be played no problem without money ... it's just that by the time you get to a point where you can can go against the old players .... the game is really boring and old ... since they only slowly add to the game.  Best bet is to not plan on playing for more than 6 months since after that you want to almost shove a steel rod through your head from being bored out of your skull having to grind the same maps for months on end.

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