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Luxury Space Yacht - Civilian Starship

warrior41warrior41 Member Posts: 65


Luxury Space Yacht


Company: Outward Bound Engineering

Guests: 12

Warp Speed: Warp 7 Max

Decks: 2


  •        Holoemitter array system for first-class Hologram Crew
  •        Holographic consoles
  •        Holosuite
  •        Replicators
  •        Luxury Cabins
  •        Defensive Systems; regenerative shielding, photon torpedo array
  •        Wide Windows for taking in the sites

Ideal for Starfleet Admiral transport or Federation Leadership use, or for taking a relaxing personal space trip to Risa. Can fly down to safe planets for anti-gravity land cruising.




JUST KIDDING!!! This is not a ship in STO, but I hope it will be, or something like that. Just picture a moden luxury yacht, and add warp nacelles and seal it and voila!




  • tamgrostamgros Member Posts: 88

    Wow, i've seen about 4 of these threads pop up over the past weeks on various forums.  

    Was there a special Star Trek Yacht Club convention recently?

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