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What happened to the Moderator thread ..?

Erowid420Erowid420 Member Posts: 93

Hey...  what happened to the Moderator thread. This has been a growing problem and I wanted to discuss this a tad bit more. Know, I am somewhat suspicious because of recent rumors, but please. Is that subject off grounds, or was it that he just posted the actual memo ..?



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  • RezeyuRezeyu Member Posts: 10

    Were you referring to the one a few minutes ago?

    I think the issue was that he believed his offense had something to do with wow, when in reality it was the way he treated people.. then proceeded to treat people like crap for 2 more pages.

    It's like using racial slurs in a post about pancakes, then assuming your warning was due to the forum being run by people with stock in iHop. It's jsut silly thinking.


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