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Survival Horror

GreeveGreeve Member Posts: 2


I was windering if there was an mmo anything like resident evil a survival horror 

Iv tried things like left 4 dead but there just isnt enough people for me with only 4

Thanks in advance


  • tsuktstsukts Member Posts: 164

    requiem is f2p horror - mmo


  • rock_harryrock_harry Member Posts: 183

    there is no good survival horror mmo's out there very limited horror ones at all big shame really.

    i would love to try a good one)))

  • wong1628wong1628 Member Posts: 16

    Although its a top-down flash mmorpg, Dead Frontier may be the best and truest survival horror game.  They recently added an outpost defend feature into the game so that people will have an easier time to level, while devs won't have to worry about item overflow.  The graphics are amazing, especially for a top down flash game, but if you're inactive for a certain amount of days/weeks, they delete your account.  I'm not sure, but I last read that only if you reach lvl 50 will your account be immune from these wipes.




    If you decide to play, this web tool would help you greatly (helps you greatly find the cheapest price on sale by players:

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