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I quited :P

SeasonzSeasonz Member Posts: 113

I quit lineage II


Not alot of english speaking players.. if ther was they wer all like age 35+ and didnt even know what AIM was o_o

Game wasent that rewarding, when you level.. nothing really changes besides skills.. which sucks cause if u wer strictly skill based.. you would have to like.. regen every monster o_o

Its a great game.. but its not worth the grind..

World: Remora
Nation: San d'Oria
Job: Warrior
Job lvl: 4
Race: Hume Male



  • archonfuryarchonfury Member Posts: 139

    Join the club. Quitting the game because there were few english speaking players is rediculus to me. Were you playing on the Asain server? If you would have said too many botts/asains then I would agree with you.
    I quit because I was a dwarf and they nerfed the bows and the SS. It is impossible to lvl with a tarbar unless u want to use ss every hit and rest after every mob.



  • na1rbna1rb Member Posts: 6
    yup that is one thing i didn't like about this game... well it was basicly the only thing i ddn't like about it ,, but no one spoke freeking english ! it pissed me off so much.. half hte people i would come up to started speaking chinese.  I mean,, its english servers right??? go to your own freeking servers  ( not that im racist )

  • blastjuiceblastjuice Member Posts: 6
    I quit too. I played this game for a week and thats all I could take. It started off being fun but the grind just got to me. The grind is worse the FFXI which I think is pretty bad. I am selling my acount (lvl15 dark elf fighter). Don't buy this crap.

  • GameFrenzyGameFrenzy Member Posts: 9

    Since all of you quit, you can sell your accounts over at  Thanks!

    Go to for all your gaming needs!

  • wenjongpwenjongp Member Posts: 1

    Lineage2 Lineage2.......

    Quit it and you gonna see u have a way better life after.

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