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Any Guilds for this yet?

TR-MattTR-Matt Member Posts: 24

Unlike most MMOs this one has got my interest. It seems like it's got unique and exciting gameplay, compared to typical MMORPGs at least. Since MMOs are social games in which playing with a group is usually very beneficial I was wondering if there's any guilds (or whatever the equivalent term is here) for this game yet. Also, if there aren't any is anyone interesting in forming one?


  • levsixlevsix Member UncommonPosts: 363

    Hey Matt, I've been following this one since early March and I plan on playing it with my guild. Since its release is a bit away, we do not yet have Global Agenda included on our site yet. We will, however, do so in the near future...other than a thread for discussion about it.

    I'll definitely be around in these forums so I'll post something when the game's release gets closer.

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  • Maj_ScienceMaj_Science Member Posts: 107

    As far as I know, there are no public clans.  However, I am willing to bet that the names "CIA", "KGB", "MI6", "CONTROL", and "KAOS" are already taken.

    In any case, yes I would consider forming/joining a clan.  Especially one that has a interest in technology and/or transhumanism (Deus Ex ho!)

  • ZukanZukan Member Posts: 161

    You can check here ( ) for all the recruitment threads on the offical boards or if you just want a clean listing of the agencies that are gearing up for the game Alliance of Agencies ( ) is a good site.

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