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FeldronFeldron Member UncommonPosts: 337

Right now the game is very buggy.

The bugs are numberous an range from patching errors to crashes to quest bugs to character curpution and loss to item loss

The bugs are currently even effecting cash shop items

For the time being i would strongly suggest you play some thing else until the majority of these bugs are fixed


  • cult7cult7 Member Posts: 59

    strange.i have not playing long(have a 29monk/21 rogue),but i havent see any bugs that keep you from playing.Not crashes (i use vista),no items lost,patching goes perfect every time,quest bugs not for me,no item loses.

    I have the spike lags but there is no pvp and that doesnt hurt me alot.Sometimes i dont see the animation for a special move but it succefuly lands on mobs.Maybe i am lucky who knows.

    The thing that annoy me are the ui(need fixing asap),character movement and strafe needs reworking and more features in game.

  • heathenkniteheathenknite Member Posts: 15

    O.o yes, very buggy...

  • darksaverdarksaver Member Posts: 1

    Well, as you know, holic is going to close the service in a few days.


    I heard that holic 2 is available in spanish and is too much better than holic...


    So, i'm playing holic, but if it's much better i think that i'm going to play there.


    I speak a little bit of spanish and i think that i could play it....


    You can find it at  www.mgame-la.com

  • cult7cult7 Member Posts: 59

    Its sad day :(

    I liked the game and its community

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