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TwelveSky 2 in Open Beta

binkiaabinkiaa Member Posts: 4

Hey guys!

Just wondering if any of you are playing TwelveSky 2. Its in OB right now.

Drop me a PM!

IGN: Allsmiles


  • GoluhGoluh Member Posts: 374

    Downloaded, played for 30 minutes, was like "WOW this blows!", uninstalled.


  • ThorbrandThorbrand Member Posts: 1,198

    Guess it would blow if you don't like PvP. One of the most fun games out right now.

    FYI...It is still in CB not OB.

  • binkiaabinkiaa Member Posts: 4

    It IS in OB right now. MAYN's TwelveSky 2 is in OB, whereas the other company's TwelveSky 2 is in CB.

  • FreshFlavorFreshFlavor Member Posts: 4

    Aeriagame's 12sky is in CB.

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