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Will I hit a wall again or is it worth coming back?



  • zoey121zoey121 Member Posts: 926

       I do think there are walls in every mmorpg . I reached my first one around 32 then did the dd quests ( group quests)> Once that was done made it to 42. Buy that time hubby got me the expansion. Had a ball in Forchell. Found the area before Moria made it to 53 and  found that wall again. I hate moria. The lay out, the opps miss step over the cliff fall incap you go. The expensive repair costs. Decay even if you have no deaths that session.

       While i can't say i hate the game  i don't. I do hate Moria. I may go back and visit daoc for a while or just work with an alt. Hopefully another 55 + area will open up that is not in Moria.. Yes pet pathing is still a problem in Moria. Mobs still do not path find correctly either, many times see them stuck in walls ramps dissappear 1/2 way through whacking a mole....

      Depending on what server you go on you will still find lots of people in lots of areas. They still do the get together for groups then split to the four winds. Generaly for some quests you can find help for. If it is a class stuff for Curm Dum that is a bit different.

     Like someone else mentioned i was given a life time sub as a gift. Would never have gotten it for myself and never plan to purchase that again. However i did play past 2 years.....

  • grandpagamergrandpagamer Member Posts: 2,221
    Originally posted by cougardave

    They just offered free game time again for their anniversary, definitely give it a shot, I am.
    Will I stick with LOTRO, probably not.  I moved from WoW to EQ2 and haven't looked back.  I love EQ2, visually it's nearly as nice as LOTRO, better in many ways (spell effects, races, crafting, classes... etc)
    What I'm finding with LOTRO is exactly what I found before - brick walls.  I didn't make it as high as you did (even though I was a beta tester AND subbed at launch, canceled once, then resubbed, then canceled again), but the walls are painful in lotro.
    I was kinda hoping it would be better.. 
    The biggest issue for me is travel.  Prior to having a mount, it's just miles of bad animation of running/gliding across empty terrain.  When I play I just don't have time to spend 30 minutes getting TO an area.
    I'll most likely keep going with the re-free trial, but I'm certainly not being grabbed and made to want to play again.

    I would agree EQ2 is a fun game. I would disagree about the "bad animation" in LOTRO.  LOTRO graphics are some of if not the best in an MMO. I did like the crafting in EQ2 also, every item a type of mini game. As for "walls" i just hit the Moria wall, opened the door and find it very sweet, but that is just me.

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