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Looking for "the" game

nomisdknomisdk Member Posts: 1

 Im desperete for a new mmo and money is not really a problem ; )


Im looking for a fast paced game with cool(big?) animations(gameplay from 2 moons looks nice but im eu!)...

Have any game been able to recreate the feeling from diablo? Fast killing with a very cool feeling about it...


PLease hit me with something! 



Ps: Need something for the wait towards aion....


  • MeltdownMeltdown Member UncommonPosts: 1,183

    Diablo is a tough game to compare any against. Assuming you are comparing MMOs to Diablo 2 and not the original Diablo, perhaps something like Cabal Online would be flashy enough for you. Really the only games that I could say "felt" like Diablo were Dungeons Runners, Red Stone and Mythos. Single player Dungeon Siege 1+2 was also pretty good imo.

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  • geldonyetichgeldonyetich Member Posts: 1,340

    Well, if you're just trying to copy Diablo in MMORPG form, you're in luck.  That was a major focus of Eastern games for quite some itme, and you can see the spoils in games such as Ragnarok Online or Priston Tale.  There's even a good Western MMORPG or two based off of that, such as Dungeon Runners.

    If you're looking for a fast-paced feeling game with big, flashy animations, I'd have to second that Cabal Online is a pretty good choice.

  • fifflefiffle Member Posts: 7

    dungeon runners beta was alot of fun and comical...alot like Diablo2..damn near a clone with WoW graphics


    real time combat system would be  Chronicles of of the best Ive played so far (just launched can try it free till the 7th)


    Dark fall...another real time combat....didnt have anything that made me want to keep playing past the fierst month though...even though i waited 6 years for it

  • redcap036redcap036 Member UncommonPosts: 1,230

    Here Have a look at these;

    F2P MMORPG's;


    Requeim bloodmare: Sci-fi/horror F2P PvE PvP ( Item shop )

    RF Online: Sci-Fi F2P PvE RvR PvP ( Item shop )  

    Anarchy Online: Sci-fi F2P PvE PvP RvR ( free service or payed service )

    Shin Megamitensei IMAGINE: Sci-Fi F2P Pet's PvE PvP ( Item shop )

    AfterWorld: Sci-Fi/Aftermath F2P PvE sandbox ( Coin shop )  


    The Chronicles of Spellborn: fantasy F2Download PvE PvP ( P2P after 7.9th level( No item shop ))

    Secondhand Land's: Fantasy F2p PvE PvP ( Coin shop )

    Atlantica Online: Fantasy F2P PvE PvP ( item shop )

    Mabinogi: Fantasy F2P pet's PvE RvR ( item shop & payed service )

    Rune's of magic: Fantasy F2P PvE PvP ( item shop )  

    Sword of the new world: Fantasy F2P PvE PvP ( Item shop ) -Play 3 avatar's at once!

    4Story : Fantasy F2P PvE PvP ( item shop )

    Ether Saga Online: Fantasy F2P Pet's PvE ? ( item shop )  -Also home to Perfect World online!

    Hope you find something to play, Enjoy!

  • EmployedHoboEmployedHobo Member Posts: 10

    2moons for non-American versions is called Dekaron I believe. If you are looking for awesome looking time killer, it's on the top of the list IMO. Be prepared to grind...a lot...

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