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Combat Arms

PlatoxiaPlatoxia Member Posts: 4

I tried this game before but after downloading it I could never get it to work for some reason...


Anyway, I am re-downloading and was on the main website while I was waiting. After looking at how the game works and screen shots on the website, it seems like this is just WARROCK updated.


Anyone who has played this can you confirm or deny that this is actually the same game just updated?


  • geldonyetichgeldonyetich Member Posts: 1,340

    Completely different studios, but the same focus, same country of origin. 

    It might seem like it's like an updated version of the other game, but no more than Half Life is just Quake updated.

  • painful16painful16 Member Posts: 20

    Terrible game, like seriously, who would promote a combatshooter with a ad that says Nutshots?



    If i wanted to play this i would of jumped back 4 years and played counterstrike 1.6



    Combat Arms is just the dumbdowned easy2play version.

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