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Best FPS games?

vonomousvonomous Member Posts: 357

I didn't ever buy BF2142, just waited for BF Heroes.  But BFHeroes is a major disappointment.  It is not a real Battlefield game...  So maybe I should just get BF2142 after all... are there a lot of active servers still?

I really need a Battlefield style FPS game.  And I really doubt any Call of Duty game is going to do it.  The CoD gameplay is like playing a consol FPS (in other words, bad). Is there anything else out there that can match the experience that BF 1942, BF Vietnam, and BF 2142 offer?

I don't know.  Maybe nobody even makes hardcore FPS games anymore.  Do I have to play just Quake Live & TF2?.. :(

Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks :D



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  • AbrahmmAbrahmm Member Posts: 2,448

    I never got battlefield 2142 either. I definitely agree with you, COD4/5 is incredibly mediocre and completely over hyped. The game engine and physics are nice, but beyond that, the multiplayer is very simplistic. I love the battlefield series, and there is a new mini game coming called Battlefield 1943, but it is based on the Battlefield heroes engine.

    I still play Counter-Strike Source.

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  • gordunkgordunk Member CommonPosts: 114

    2142 is a buggy piece of crap...don't buy it.  It doesn't work worth a damn, for me on vista or my friend on XP.  For free FPS' I would recommend Combat Arms, really fun game.  Otherwise BF2 or CS:S would be good choices to play.  Quite frankly I'm surprised you don't like COD4/5...those are solid games.

  • MeltdownMeltdown Member UncommonPosts: 1,183

    Day of Defeat Source was the only game I liked being close to Battlefield (no vehicles though).

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  • societysociety Member Posts: 32

    I'm with you guys. I've been thinking about reinstalling BF2 but I'm worried its just going to be the hardest of the hardcore left dropping bombs into windows and such. There's no PC BF1942 style games on the horizon. The next step up for BF2 syle, in my opinion, is going to be MAG for the PS3. The dev's seem to have the same goals and passions that brought us the depth in BF2.

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  • maskedweaselmaskedweasel Member EpicPosts: 11,023

    I'm playing Battlefield Heroes currently as my PC FPS of choice..  I like it alot actually, although its more cartoony and has a different feel then the other battlefield games.  BF2142 is a good game too though, and you should play it.  The good thing about BF Heroes is its free. 

    I'm really hoping they come out with a newer SW BattleFront game lotr conquest was such a big letdown.

  • CrudaricCrudaric Member UncommonPosts: 12

    I have been playing Operation 7. It is not to bad.

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