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some advice please...

ralibralib Member Posts: 1

Hi.. so i've been out of the Mmorpg scean for a while now.. i quit DAoC about 2 1/2 years ago.  but im looking to get back into a game.   i need a game i can play casualy and still have fun as i dont have that much spare time.   my computer is not the greatest so i need a game thats not too demanding.  i really liked DAoC and i've been thinking about re-opening my account but i thought id look to see if there was something better.  i like the RVR in DAoC alot but its such an old game im worried its not played much anymore.  i've been looking at Warhamer  but the more i read about it the less appealing it is.  so i guess my real question is.. does anyone still play DAoC?.. how bad is warhamer?   from what i read the "rvr" is a joke.. or is there a better option..  something with good pvp but decent pve also..  something thats fun to solo or duo (i have 2 friends that are looking to join a game aswell)


thanks for any opinions


  • AganazerAganazer Member Posts: 1,319

    First, WAR probably isn't half as bad as some people make it out to be. Expectations are through the roof these days and most people end up dissapointed. And they are disappointed in everything, not just WAR.

    You can get a lot of ground covered by trying the free trial of some games. There are  few good ones I would recommend...

    Lord of the Rings Online - PvP is a little weak, but its a great casual game otherwise

    Age of Conan - With factions servers and castle sieges it might be fun now

    The Chronicles of Spellborn - Great combat system, but you may want to wait for the high house PvP if your sure you want something like the RvR in DAoC.

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