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MMORPG's, Anyone has recommendations?

Ace-AngelAce-Angel Member Posts: 2

Hey to all, kinda new here, so apologies if this topic is in the wrong place. Please, do go easy on me.

I wanted to ask you guys if anyone has recommendations for MMORPG's that I could play which are fun and not so...boring shall we say?

For example, a google search brought up the following games:

Requiem: Bloodymare

Perfect World

Last Chaos

Fiesta Online

Atlantica Online

RF Online


And countless others...

All which supposedly are 'fun' and the grind in it isn't boring but is fun as well, but as all well know, reading topics will always net you that person or two who say otherwise, and I don't dismiss anything easily.

Remember, I consider grind to be a PART of a MMORPG, but I would like one where it is fun and not a bore fest. I would like a MMORPG that really stands out both in the gameplay elements and graphics departments.

So far I tried Kal Online, Requiem Online, Silkroad and Knights Online.

Kal wasn't fun AT ALL for me, especially since after the 30's your have almost no quests and the grind is next to impossible. However I liked Silkroad but the fact that you can't login for half and hour isn't fun either, and it just ticked me off in the end.

Knights online seemed fun, but some of the quests were ridiculous in terms of rewards and the graphics really blew big time, I didn't appreciate the community either since most of them kicked you out if you were a few levels lower.

Right now I'm playing Bloodymare, it's fun, and the quests help break the feeling of grind in some parts and the community is pretty good, but the graphics are luckstar at best since I can't even use ESNerb to enhance them. Again, I'm playing it, and it's fun so far...

So I would like to know if anyone has ideas? What games would you guys recommend me? I gave a certain idea of games I tried and liked in the above paragraph. Also, please mind I don't have any issues with P2P games, but I would prefer if you people said F2P games...

Thanks in advance, Ace.


  • CzzarreCzzarre Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 3,742

    A few bits of info may help.

    Do you only want f2P games 9you only listed F2P) or is P2P an option

    Also, what kind of gameplay do you prefer. PvE or PvP?

    Give the MMORPG Finder a try, it gives suggestions based on what you want most in an MMORPG

    Good Luck

  • AdamantineAdamantine Member RarePosts: 4,450

    You have to be more specific than "it should be fun". I honestly have no idea where to direct you, as you dont specify whats fun for you.

    No grindfest ? All MMOs have some grindfests. To avoid grindfests altogether, you would need hundreds or rather thousands of developers, and/or lower graphic quality to fasten development of new areas. No game company can afford that many developers, or can afford outdated graphics.

    If you're into PvP, you might want to check out Guild Wars. Seems to be the "perfect" PvP game to me, though I havent played it myself.

    If you're into PvE, I guess Vanguard could offer you something there. Complex crafting, unique diplomacy, an extremely large gameworld to explore, challenging gameplay ... but of course it also contains grindfests. And while the game has flying mounts, dont expect them easy to get... at all.

    Please set a sig so I can read your posting even if somebody "agreed" etc with it. Thanks.
  • horridhorrid Member Posts: 129

    ESNerb?  What is that?

    I found EQ2 less grindy because of the achievement XP - its gained in a different way than normal XP and tends to be much faster.  You use Achievement points to customise your character.  I tend to focus on gaining Achievement XP and levels just happen along the way. 

  • Ace-AngelAce-Angel Member Posts: 2

    @Czzarre: I said at the end of my post that P2P games aren't an issue, but I would much prefer them to be F2P ones...

    Also, thanks a bunch for the useful linker, it really came in handy, Cheers and kudos mate. Much appreciated.


    @Adamantine: I hope I'm not coming off to brash on you, and sorry for the snip, but did you actually read my post or are quoting from another post?

    Fun is a subjective term, yes, I know that, but I gave example of games that I tried out and liked or hated. For me, Bloodymare and Silkroad were fun, but Knights and Kal were not.

    Secondly, I didn't say I wanted a game with NO GRINDS, I clearly specified in the beginning parts that ALL MMO's have some sort of grind, but I also specified one I'm looking where the GRIND = FUN and not a borefest. Once again, the above examples should have been a hint as indicated (ei - Blooymare: Quests help grind / Kal Online: No quest and lvl30 is almost impossible not forcing yout to quit).

    However, thansk alot fot the recommendations. I'll give GW and VG a try.


    @horrid: I'm not sure if I got the name right, but it's that software where you press Shift + F12 to activate the special effects of a game which usually aren't available, such as bloom for example. GTA San Andreas is most used with these set of files.

    Also, thanks for the EQ2 recomendations, I'll see about it.

  • bmdevinebmdevine Member Posts: 429

    Ace, it can really be hard sometimes to pinpoint what it is about a particular game that a person likes or doesn't like.  You've cited quests and grinding, but those are components contained in nearly every game.  If you can provide more detail about what you like or don't like about particular quest systems or grinding, it would be extremely helpful.  Hopefully one of the games already suggested will tickle your fancy.  If none does, try paying close attention as you play to see what individual quest systems or grinds make you feel.  If you can articulate it more clearly, there might be other games out there that are more on point for you.

  • paulscottpaulscott Member Posts: 5,613

    The Chronicles of Spellborn are worth a try.   Especially since the combat and a couple other things took a dive into the deep end of game mechanics,   some things did say too similar though.

    a 3GB download and everyone will have free access for the next week and a half or so.   But asside from that it's freemium up to level 7/10 and then just a a subscription after that.


    Mabinogi for a grinder does have a few mechanics to make it less so.   Randomly generated dungeons, some interesting combat that completely requires your attention, and a few secondary ways to advance your character.    While completely F2P you're going to want to spend some money in the cash shop eventually.

    I find it amazing that by 2020 first world countries will be competing to get immigrants.

  • redcap036redcap036 Member UncommonPosts: 1,230

    Here Have a look at these;

    F2P MMORPG's;


    Requeim bloodmare: Sci-fi/horror F2P PvE PvP ( Item shop )

    RF Online: Sci-Fi F2P PvE RvR PvP ( Item shop )  

    Anarchy Online: Sci-fi F2P PvE PvP RvR ( free service or payed service )

    Shin Megamitensei IMAGINE: Sci-Fi F2P Pet's PvE PvP ( Item shop )

    AfterWorld: Sci-Fi/Aftermath F2P PvE sandbox ( Coin shop )  


    The Chronicles of Spellborn: fantasy F2Download PvE PvP ( P2P after 7.9th level( No item shop ))

    Secondhand Land's: Fantasy F2p PvE PvP ( Coin shop )

    Atlantica Online: Fantasy F2P PvE PvP ( item shop )

    Mabinogi: Fantasy F2P pet's PvE RvR ( item shop & payed service )

    Rune's of magic: Fantasy F2P PvE PvP ( item shop )  

    Sword of the new world: Fantasy F2P PvE PvP ( Item shop ) -Play 3 avatar's at once!

    4Story : Fantasy F2P PvE PvP ( item shop )

    Ether Saga Online: Fantasy F2P Pet's PvE ? ( item shop )  -Also home to Perfect World online!  

    Welcome to and I hope you find something nice to play, Enjoy!

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