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BrifBrif Member UncommonPosts: 529

What is the best gaming laptop that I could buy for under $1500 and why?


  • Sir_DripSir_Drip Member Posts: 133
    Originally posted by Brif

    What is the best gaming laptop that I could buy for under $1500 and why?

    What up and coming games (in the next year) are you looking to play?


    Then....Try to find the system requirments for those games..

    There is some realy nice ones out there for 1,800 / 2,200 bucks....But still depends on what you think you'll be playing...

    $1500.00 bucks would get you a realy nice home PC.


  • CleffyCleffy Member RarePosts: 6,246

    I would particularly look at an ASUS or MSI laptop.  Both of them are hardware manufacturers so their systems end up better designed and with better parts then other OEMs.

  • noquarternoquarter Member Posts: 1,170

    Something like http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834220483 would be decent for under $1500 but any half-decent laptop is gonna be at least $1200 so you're barely in range for one. My buddy has a top of the line Alienware laptop and his desktop still blows it away for half the price.

    If you do shop around for a laptop you want to get one with an nvidia 9800M (SLI is out of your price range) if you can. The Radeon mobility 4850 does fine but ATI doesn't do drivers for their mobile GPU's directly so 2 years down you're going to be more likely to be able to update your drivers.

  • BrifBrif Member UncommonPosts: 529

    I'm currently considering these:


    Hp laptop with quad processor 2.0gHz for $1350


    The Asus one reccomended for $1300


    A smaller Asus with similar specs but slower hard drive and less resolution for $1000

  • dinuriumdinurium Member Posts: 79

    I cant recommend you pay that kinda cash for those laptops.   It, to me, seems like you are throwing away 1000 bucks.   Those specs, at a glance, were not impressive.   Almost outdated.   800 dollar desktop can probably blow all those away.   Must you stick with a laptop?  Im not intending to be rude about this.   Buy a desktop for gaming.  

  • noquarternoquarter Member Posts: 1,170

    Wow, you should take a serious look at this laptop:

    17" screen, 9800m GTS, 7200 rpm hard, 4gb ram, for $1150. It is a dual core instead of quad but I think that'll do ok in a laptop anyway.

    Though the 17" screen is a lower resolution which is good and bad - on the plus side, you get higher fps as the lower resolution while being at the native display resolution. A 1920x1200 screen takes more graphics power to move along and if you lower the resolution the screen gets muddy since you aren't at native res.

    Also when dealing with smaller screens (like 17" or less) the lower resolution isn't quite as big a problem.

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