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Fast paced and fun.

outthislifeoutthislife Member Posts: 115

I honestly don't care if it's online or not. What game suggestions would you give for:


- Fast paced.

- Somewhat reactional based or at least quick thinking.

- Not neccesarily repetitive.


I'm an FPS junkie and I'm getting bored of FPS's in general. Any single player or even some online game that could cure my fast paced crave would be <3.


  • Dippy11Dippy11 Member UncommonPosts: 283

    Have you tried Mount & Blade?  Single-player, but the combat is amazing. 

    Savage 2 is another good one to try and is a multiplayer FPS/RTS/RPG. 

    Both require purchase for the full game, but can be played for free with some limitations. 


  • outthislifeoutthislife Member Posts: 115

    I tried Savage 2 and it raped my computer some how. It just wouldn't run O_o

  • WizardryWizardry Member LegendaryPosts: 19,273

    UT99 will go down as the best ,most skilled FPS of all time.They slowly diluted the game with more and more goofy stuff and vehicles and powerups and larger outdoor scenes.They basically turned the series into a team based cutesy game,witch is why the hardcore FPS players quit playing it and went to Quake.From what i have seen of Quake it is not nearly as skillful other than steadfast is mainly because the way the bounce pads work,all players do is predict the pad jump and aim the shot in the middle of it.It looks intense to watch two top notch players,but IMO UT99 offered a lot more thinking and a lot more options in weapons and game play.

    Either way both Quake and UT99 are both fast paced,high adrenaline type games that also force you to think and learn the maps.You will not find this sort of game play in any MMORPG.

    Never forget 3 mile Island and never trust a government official or company spokesman.

  • geldonyetichgeldonyetich Member Posts: 1,340

    Saying you want a fast paced and fun game is a bit like saying you want to hear some music with a quick tempo - there such a gigantic selection of styles left even among fast paced music that it doesn't really say enough.

    Not necessarily repetitive is tricky in MMORPGs -- just about all of them are repetitive, sooner or later, on the grounds that they're persistent state games.  At best, you could hope for a good variety of action.

    Somewhat reactional based, requiring quick thinking - I think I'd interpret this as depth of game.  Another tricky one considering that MMORPGs, in general, are actually quite shallow - tending to reward persistance over skill.

    So, a few that come off the top of my head:

    * Chronicles Of Spellborn - The combat system is both fast and reactional based.  It's sort of repetitive in that you're doing a lot of walking around to complete quests, but at the same time that it's quest based advancement (grinding is discouraged) is a large point in favor of breaking up the repetition.

    * Guild Wars - It can be quite fast paced, and that they keep you moving around from scenario to scenario, into team PvP matches and whatnot, does help quite a bit along the lines of avoiding a repetitive feeling.

    * City of Heroes - A favorite of mine, though some find the missions quite repetitive, it can be quite fast paced especially if you play something like a Dual Blades/Super Reflex Scrapper. (To the point where Jack Emmert is saying the speed in City of Heroes to most MMORPGs is like the sped of Champions Online to City of Heroes: a good step faster.)

    If it's FPS you're looking for, Battlefiedl Heroes is just around the corner. It's not half bad, and free.

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