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Slight Problem that I've never come across

xKrNMBoYxxKrNMBoYx Member Posts: 165

 The problem is whenever I power on the computer and the monitor, the monitor always says that it will go to sleep. I'm thinking that it's doing this cause it can not sense a video card/integrated video. Because of this I cannot go into the BIOS to setup the OS and the computer. Can someone help me? I plugged the vga cord into the integrated vga port, but yet to no avail it does not help. I even tried with my expansion video card and it still does not sense it. I tried taking out 1 stick of ram and it did not help. Here are some of the components.

AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400+ 3.2Ghz Foxconn A7VMX-K

OEM Lightscribe DVD Drive OEM Samsung Floppy Drive

OEM USB/ Multi Card Reader/Firewire

450W Power Supply

3 GB DDR2 800mhz Ram 2 gb samsung 1 gb promos Blank 250GB Seagate harddrive

I hope someone can help. It probably is a simple problem to fix, but I have not found any reference to it in the manual or online. Thanks


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