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This game is really under-rated on this site



  • spiritk9spiritk9 Member Posts: 11

    Originally posted by Datcyde

    If you dont like this then go play a game like shadowbane were you can get killed right after you spawn after getting pked uggg. Ill have to agree with you on the C2 thing with c2 this game is complete in my veiw
    i just wish they came out with c2 right from the start c2 wil add alottttttt of features and new areas which i hope will bring back some of those people that quit, but make no mistake about it this is the harshest MMO out there in my veiw but it realy makes the game more fun for me cuz im HARDCORE!::::22:: lol

    Too little, too late. They lost me and I'm not coming back. Gave away all my stuff in a toss fest right befor e I deleted the game from my HD and unsubscribed.

    All the above and forementioned as to why. It's all true. The PvP is mislabeled too, as I always say, PK (as in griefing) is NOT pvp, is just shitty behaviour. The biggest reason I won't come back is because the Koreans refuse to give NA what they want, home development and decent support. We aren't animals here, we deserve better. So, I'll keep my american dollars for non Korean games from now on.

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  • LeafshadoeLeafshadoe Member Posts: 5
    I've washed my hands of L2 after 8+months of play.  When cheaters/botters/professional coin farmers are still around a game from Open Beta onwards you know the company that operates the game doesn't really care nor are they 'doing their best' to rid the game of those scum.  If NCSoft ever get a clue as to why their player base has dwindled to make this game a niche game and actually clean it up then I might consider re-joining.  This game is not underrated on this site- it is still overrated.

    SilverFall Guild

    SilverFall Guild

  • boomixboomix Member Posts: 59

    Originally posted by NeoReloaded
    NC soft are doing all they can to stop farmers/bots etc but in the mean time we all need to be patient and show nc soft our support and also chronicle 2 is only a matter of weeks away so hopefully that should bump up the ratings a bit especially with all the new things its bringing for us :)

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  • jd269jd269 Member Posts: 225

    I bought the game originally.. and felt they have a good starting base put in place.. but yeah, there are bot farmers etc. and the grind felt too much... like a grind.. I may try it again once a couple more big updates are out. I would rate the game around 7 in big part due to the fantastic engine. You can certainly do worse, but there is better out there.

  • ValkanisarValkanisar Member UncommonPosts: 494
    i think it is under rated on this site because lots of people were in the beta and the first month of release and had enough of ncsoft and their lame company.

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