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Been There Played That? (F2P Help Please)

SignoreSignore Member Posts: 127

At this point I am losing hope I swear I have tested the water of any reputable F2P and still haven't come up with a game I could see my self playing.

If Anyone knows of a some games I could give a shot please post.

I am looking for a game:

 that has a moderate amount of PvP content( Will Look at a PvP Based game As I am just a casual gamer), more than the 3 Genric classes ( Warrior, Priest, Mage).  I Honestly don't have much affection towards indepth games like Mabinogi.

Most of All cannot be a Complete rip your hair out Grind fest >.<  ( I don't mind a bit of a grind as long as it isn't brutal and boring as hell and unrewarding. )

Graphics aren't a massive concern, So far I've figured our the "Hardcore" Anime graphic games generally are truly poor gameplay, I don't mind it just yet to find one that has impressed me. 

I am Casual and don't have a desire to pay for a game >.< so F2P is a must I don't mind dishing out 5$ once in awhile for Itemshop but thats about it.

Games I have played and stuck to for a considerable time.

- WoW ( 5 Years with some breaks)

- EQ2 ( Got Exhausted after literally running out of Quests at lvl 62.  And the lack of pvp on a pve Server.)

- Warhammer Online ( Went back to Warhammer 3 times already and quit for good now just hated the PvP grind.)

- HellGate London... ( Just a Plain bad game)

- Lineage 2 ( Mainly Private Servers Grind was too great)

- Cabal Online ( Made it to lv.121 due to Guild support)

- Rune of Magic (didn't play that long but just adding so someone doesn't recommend just wasn't for me ^^)

- Exteel ( Was Fun until you got out of the Noob Brackets and hit 30+ and you fought the players who have no life have the game mastered, Also game was too heavily Cash Shop orientated with High Gear.)

- Grand Chase ( Was an Alright but again when it came to PvP ended up starting to meet with players who quite literally had no life and had the moves down to frames.)

- Atlantica ( Again didn't play that long just putting here so no one recommends ^^, PvP ended to be poor as it was a game set up to bias towards certain set ups of Mercs etc.)


"Not your Average Noob"
©Signore 2005


  • DemonAuraDemonAura Member Posts: 90

    hmmm hard choice i would say perfect world (im not  a fan of pw)

    let me think a bit more maybe i can remember some other ones


    rappelz isnt bad either its actualy addicting but lately there been too many bugs, and its kind most grinding.


    12sky (never tried it) but heard many good things about it, but im waiting for the second part to come out so it would be fully upgraded by then

  • SignoreSignore Member Posts: 127

    I've never really been a fan of Oriental games, I was looking into 12Sky but after I saw "Oriental" Characters Flying like Croaching tiger on Crack I was like... Nah...


    Idk starting to lose my Mind to think of a Half decent F2P game that can be played casual and will keep my attention.

    "Not your Average Noob"
    ©Signore 2005

  • AdamarisAdamaris Member Posts: 73

    Well, it's hard to find a good mmorpg after playing so many...and it's like...impossible to find a decent F2P but you can try hehe.

    Since you like PvP...i guess you might give a try to RF online (, since it has double exp server until 7 may that should be enough to reach around 45+ playing casual and max lvl is 55 i believe...and i heard PvP it's fun (i played it a while ago and saw PvP but i was too low lvl for it)

    Another game might be Requiem Bloodymare, this one is a heavy grindfest past level 64, nearly impossible to level as casual (without premium account past level 48 is already hard to level since there are no quests until lvl 52 or 53, with premium 53-64 it's very fast, full levels by doing quests...people say it can be done even in a day or 2) after that, but it has battlegrounds for every 10 levels starting at lvl 20-29 so the game has twinks, mainly level 49 ones.

    I was even thinking on give a go to RF again since it has that event, tho i'm not sure ;)

  • SignoreSignore Member Posts: 127

    I've heard RF online isn't that bad to play... once you hit higher levels and you can PvP.

    I played RF back when it was P2P from Codemasters, made it to about 25 before I quit. 

    I noticed after it went down and Codemasters dropped it that another company took it or something, so was semi tempted to go back and check it out.


    Sorta looks like it has made a rise back up.

    Gonna snoop around and read up a bit...


    And for Requiem I was playing it about a Week ago, but after doing more research the Grind Fest is just higher lvl ^^

    + I really don't like the Pvp, it was very Class Bias... *cough* Battle magician... *cough!*



    And yes After playing sooooo many Mmo's I am really burnt out and it is nearly impossible to find something I can play x.x...

    "Not your Average Noob"
    ©Signore 2005

  • AdamarisAdamaris Member Posts: 73

    Hehe, the same happened to me, played WoW for 2 years and many others P2P, and i've tried almost every single F2P out i kinda get bored fast with F2P games...on most of them i log for 5-10 minutes and then i unninstall :P

    About rf...i was downloading it again today...but when it was at 50% i canceled it...i was like...meh...try it or not to try it again...i liked the game...however i dislike leveling "masteries" (shield, force, melee and these) and "skills", that simply bored me a hell.

    Requiem is indeed a bit "weird" and yeah...casters are the best classes until 60+...and anyway i never played a caster there since they are about spamming 1 skill from level 10 to level 70 :P

  • SignoreSignore Member Posts: 127

    I never found leveling the skills that bad, Just do what everyone else does ( at least did when I played the game Multiple times) Sit right outside of town and Macro program to use the skill over and over.

    It wasn't an offense in the last version with Codemasters but idk about this one yet, I still have to figure out what I would want to play again if I go back x.x... (Shant play Melee like other 10 times)


    "Not your Average Noob"
    ©Signore 2005

  • SignoreSignore Member Posts: 127

    Did a bit more digging.

    CCR ( The Korean company who developed it) opened up Global servers with 3x Xp/Pt Rates, and with the training servers that are up thats 6x  *.*....   This is gonna be a fast 40 lvls o.o...


    I dislike something that isn't challenging but RFO wasn't one of those games that the lvl 1-40 was fun anyway ^^...

    "Not your Average Noob"
    ©Signore 2005

  • DemonAuraDemonAura Member Posts: 90

    hmm this suks the only game that i think of that might be worth is a p2p and its not even in the us yet. (aion) i think it became really pouplar recently


    well back to topic.

    try rappelz it might be grind grind grind but if u find a good active guild and some friends, trust me u will get addicted to the game, not to mention its the most develpoing game,

    when they update they do alot of updates too bad it would be one sided update, eithergood update or bad update and the bug problem seem to be fixed so its worth a try, i might help u ingame (still in my 60s though :l )

    if ur going to play it just pm me and i will send u my ingame name.

  • junoreactorjunoreactor Member Posts: 3

    I would strongly recommend EVE Online. It has a very strong pvp aspect, crafting system, cash system, questing system etc. players OWN entire systems and bases and do pretty much whatever they chose , large player battles of 100 vs 100 players are all in the same system attacking each other with very light latentcy!

    Its not a clickclickclickclick style game, you need to conserve energy, use consumables and use  your piloting to play.

    its nothing like freelencer.

    Take the trial or youtube it, i enjoyed it for a good 2 years before recently playing warhammer online

    my past games are WOW (long time), Anarchy online, FF11, DAOC, Earth and Beyond, Atlantica, EVE, tabula rasa...

  • Gabby-airGabby-air Member UncommonPosts: 3,440

    You could try out rohan, just recently started playing it. I'm not really a high lvl well not even close but so far it seems interesting but just like any other f2p i imagine the grind is gonna start soon, i was also looking into archlord,granado espada,regnum online and the already suggested games.

  • FreshFlavorFreshFlavor Member Posts: 4

    Whoa, Do not try Rohan, Its exactly what your not looking for.

    Trust me, I got to level 50 in that game and it was SO not worth the 3 months. The REAL people in the game are cool and its party based duegouns but pvp is horrible becuase bots go afk and then beat the sh** out cuase you can kill anyone *almost* anywhere after level 30+


    And then their was entire bot clans they would wipe out the duegoun and use for themselves, ( with max 1000 something players in guild in that game, its not hard to do )



    I recommend Savage 2, youtube it. Quite challenging but no grind needed, :D

    All pvp action with tactics! 

    P.S, just got my xfire sig and it'll prove played rohan for 417 hours T_T

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