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I keep getting an error "dwebsetup.exe "

kirbay117kirbay117 Member UncommonPosts: 3

 anyone care to help me out 


  • OpticronOpticron Entropia Universe CorrespondentMember UncommonPosts: 74
    Originally posted by kirbay117

     anyone care to help me out 


    Could you give a little more information? Are you running on winXp/Vista, is it during installation, when you startup the clientloader or when you try to log in? Have you tried submitting a supportcase: planetcalypso.com/support-faq/contact/?

  • AlphaGeekAlphaGeek Member Posts: 190

    From kirbays one other post (welcome to mmorpg!) he seems to be on Vista.

    Here's something from the planet calypso FAQ. Lets see if it helps...


    When installing Entropia Universe on a Windows Vista machine, please make sure that you run the application by right clicking the Entropia Universe Installer icon, and choosing Run as administrator. This is because the Windows Vista UAC (User Account Control) limits the privileges of applications for security reasons.

    If the application at some point will not start, or you are unable to update the application in Windows Vista, always try running the Entropia Universe application using the above method before contacting Entropia Universe Support, because the software is updated on a regular basis.


    Alpha AG Geek
    Founder- Manticore Society

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