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Intro Movie won't play

fatenabu1fatenabu1 Member Posts: 381


  The intro movie won't play for me anyone else having this problem? I get the nice love song but yea that is all.




  • krunkenmonkkrunkenmonk Member Posts: 20

    if you are playing it in a window... I have had issues with that...

    dont play the game in a window and see if that helps at all


    good luck man

  • CyclopsSlayerCyclopsSlayer Member UncommonPosts: 532

    I play full screen and while I can hear the movie effects, I cannot see it. Back under CodeMsters version I needed to drop my screen resolution from 32 bit to 16 to see the movies at 1680x1050 full screen. Under the CCR version that isn't even displayed as an option.

    My graphics are way more than capable with a nV GTX260, under the CM version when I left a year ago I was using a 7600...

  • KylanKylan Member Posts: 7

    The same thing happens to me. I can hear the movie but only get a black screen.  I have determined that in my case the problem is due to the screen resolution. At lower resolutions the movie plays as intended

  • yigaelyigael Member Posts: 42

    Try playing around with the resolution, I play in a window at 32bit but at this very moment I cant recall the screen settings themselves because Im @ work =-)


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