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Wemade Global Mir3 Server APRIL 2009

TheSphinxTheSphinx Member Posts: 9

Yes u read it : Legend of Mir3 is strike back from wemade itself - free to play - open 4 all countrys - LATEST PATCHES - ASSASIN Class.

Read : www.wemade.net


  • ManestreamManestream Member UncommonPosts: 941

    ok, wondering something. in 1 sentence it says its free to play and opens on teh 23rd april, in another line it says free for 7 days of battle.

    So which is it, free to play (end of) or free for 7 days then subscription based?

    Also, the site doesnt seem to be fullt updated, no info and no download client links. just an option to create an account.

  • TheSphinxTheSphinx Member Posts: 9

    What i think is **7 Days Stress Test** then it will soon open 4all. It will be free 4 all - no subscription fee only item shop like mir3.co.kr(Korean Version)

    Something like that ~ more then a stresstest for 7 Days then it will go live. You cannot download client yet its only a teaser site where you already can create your account so when starts u can download client.

  • ManestreamManestream Member UncommonPosts: 941

    lol which means everyone will be trying to download a 1gb client on the same day.

  • HugolinHugolin Member UncommonPosts: 83

    this was my first mmo

    so great news ill be able to play it again soon. pvp in this game is fun. the grind is kinda boring...just kill stuff 4 hours in a cave to lvl up...but well


  • ManestreamManestream Member UncommonPosts: 941

    LoM 2 was my very first mmo. That brought me into subscription based games. That was followed by managing to get into the Daoc closed beta and i stayed with that till the 2nd expansion came out before leaving. Mainly due to most the people i knew had left and i also needed a change of scene too.

    LoM3 came several games later but i didnt stay when that hit payment option (after the closed then open beta). Memories is what i have, but i think since then it has changed somewhat. But still (with many clones out there), this should be nice for a bit of play here and there.

    I know that LoM 3 failed and was taken over by game network, but i had just found out that game network turned off all their game servers for LoM2 and LoM3 and MoS (myth of soma) on the 31st march. So this is a move to keep some players happy (although item malls will be in game to pay for server costs) doubt i will use that option though. Gotta be better than the priovate servers that are running.

  • eut256eut256 Member Posts: 10

    Yeah i'm looking forward to trying it i'm not much of a mir3 player but D-server use to own a few years ago on mir2, look forward to fighting you all ingame. as atm im playing EQ and WAR.


  • ChoopssChoopss Member Posts: 20

    Looking forward to it :) I just wish they would do a tiny amount of advertising to actually make players aware - i heard from word of mouth.

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