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Pay to play or micro transactons

savaragesavarage Member Posts: 17

Will this game be a subscription based model (WoW) or microtransactions like a cosmetic i.e (not weapons or armor) shop example (Runes of Magic) or a buy the game disc but play for free with expansions sold after example (Guild wars) or finally free to play but advertisments or has it not been decided yet just really want to know something at least.


  • JatarJatar Member UncommonPosts: 348

    Well, I'd love to answer your question... but.... at this point we are developing the game.  It will be up to the publisher to decide the financial model.  We're only concerned with making the best game possible.   If I was going to guess (and this is very shaky territory) I'd guess a subscription model or buy and free to play with pay for expansions.  But again, that's a guess and this probably won't be up to us in the long run.  

    That's the best I can do for you at this point, but thanks for the question and your interest in CoS.


  • savaragesavarage Member Posts: 17

    Thank you for your quick reply and giving me at least a maybe and this game if it lives up to your promises and statements (and it looks good from the outside at least) than it will definetly be worth a subscription but i truely would prefer the pay for game but free play because it seems more reasonable as a concept for this games professed design.

    I"m adding a poll to see what others think as well so you and your publisher have an idea of at least the watchers on this forum perfer.

  • TdogSkalTdogSkal Member UncommonPosts: 1,244

    I don't mind paying a company each month as long as the game is fun for me to play.

    Sooner or Later

  • uohaloranuohaloran Member Posts: 811

    Pay to play. You give me a consistent playing field, new content every now and then, and a close relationship with your community and you get my 15 bucks a month. Simple as.

  • firesnake77firesnake77 Member Posts: 37

    Frankly, I don't really trust a game that doesn't require me to pay for it.  If it's worth playing for hours and hours every month, it's worth paying a subscription fee for.

    Originally posted by Wighty

    It's like the latest batch of MMO's are like a f'n Kevin Costner movie... <think Waterworld, the Postman, etc> they cost a FORTUNE, they sound like they may be good but then you just realized you sat around for 3 hours of WTF...

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